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New Fonts for Wizard Program


Grumbler in Training
Jul 16, 2020
Good morning all! I've been working to add some new fonts into my Wizard program (some script like fonts getting big request for those for wedding/engagement projects).... I have managed to get one to load but when I try to merge the cuts to make it continuous I get an irregular loop error and it won't merge the opening. My question is does that mean the font just won't work or is it because this is not a pre-programmed font. I've restarted, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've googled I'm just at a standstill. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Labbe

Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Jun 25, 2002
I believe most true type fonts will work. It all depends on the angles of the font, and the size you are asking it to print. I believe you would load those into Windows, and then the software will be able to use them. Mileage may vary and hopefully someone else will have a better answer.

Are you using Wizard MatDesigner, or Wizard FrameShop ? MatDesigner was the old software, and Frameshop is the re-written replacement.

PS: I moved this to the Framing Equipment & CMC forum, for best exposure.
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