New Fletcher fillet chopper


El Framo

Has anyone used this gadget yet? I saw the video on that internet thing the kids are so crazy about these days, and it looked easy to use. Also, what is the price point? Thanks.
Ordered mine in Atlanta last Sept. Easy to use and I love it. I don't think I've undercut a fillet since I've started using it.

Can't remember exact price...$225-$250 ballpark.
It will pay for itself in the first year at the rate I'm using it.

(The real bonus is that now even a new employee can cut fillets--yeah)
El Framo, I don't think it's a chopper. What they are selling is the "Fillet Master" which is a measuring device.

Barb, the Fletcher person at the NY booth said he "couldn't give me an exact price" because the distributors were offering different deals, but it would be "around $150 - $175."

I don't undercut fillets, so I didn't see the benefit.
Originally posted by Cliff Wilson:
... What they are selling is the "Fillet Master" which is a measuring device.....
..............I don't undercut fillets, so I didn't see the benefit.
Correct Cliff, in that it is indeed a measuring device, more or less a template to aid in the cutting of fillets. If you are not undercutting them currently, that's good. However, the procedure itself is a time consummer, where the framer trims and trims each fillet segment, until the correct size is found.

The wonderful thing about this device, is that enables the framer to trim one time, and one time only to obtain the correct size. It's a time saver.

Think of this as a tool similar to "Measuring Stops". Sure many framer's do without them, but do you really want to?

You can go to The Fletcher-Terry website and view a Video Download if you so desire.

I'll second what John said. I enjoy doing fillets, and I've gotten pretty good and fast with them. But the Fillet Master is a HUGE timesaver. Measure, cut once, and you're done.

I used it on a multiple opening mat yesterday and it worked like a charm. The only drawback is that it didn't fit the smaller openings, about 3x5.

John didn't mention that there's an extension available that will let you use it for measuring when you're fitting a fillet into a frame. Good stuff.

I'll be expecting my check, John.
We bought one of these from the inventor last year in Atlanta, and Andy swears by it. We do a lot of fillets and this thing saves time and makes it a very easy task.
Cliff, I bought mine from the Dyke, TX gentleman who invented it, before Fletcher added it to their line. Price may have changed.

I bought it at a time when I was training 3 new employees--an entire new staff. It was worth every penny, as I sell a lot of fillets.

Of course, it's one of those things that each individual framer must weigh benefits vs. cost.
I never pushed fillets in our shop because of the difficulty I had in cutting them well. Largely because of Mike’s recommendation, I checked out their on-line video, decided that it would suit my needs, and bought one (before Fletcher took it over).

It is truly amazing. It takes a few minutes to calibrate it to your chopper (which I use) or saw (which I don’t), but once it is set up, you get incredibly accurate and reproducible results.

Now I try to convince every customer with a grandkid’s finger painting to incorporate fillets.

Now I won’t accept any L-J sets which don’t include a fillet or two (just kidding).
Ok (I know it's hard to believe, but) I just recently did my first fillet. (Well, not my very first, but first in a mat - looong story on the other uses.)

Anyway, it fit perfect the first time. Then, I decided I didn't like the way the mat looked (hand inked designs on suede) and decided to redo the mat. I was told that I'd never be able to cut another mat to fit an already cut fillet, but I did. (And on a Logan matcutter, no less!)

And not only that, but we cut the fillet with one of those hand-held jobbies that works like pliers or scissors after marking the cuts with a pencil - no measuring at all.

So, from what I gather, this was a huge case of beginner's luck, huh? :eek: Guess I'd better stop while I'm ahead, but man, it looked so good!

I use fillets on about 90% of framing jobs. Speaking from experience, I guess this might be a nice accessory if you have a chopper convenient to your fitting table. But, I find that the Frame Square fillet chopper does everything that this device does, includes its own chopper and works for fillets up to 51" with the extension. I would also be a little bit skeptical as to how well the rabbet width setting method works with fillets that fit partially into the reverse bevel of the mat, i.e. where the fillet slopes up from the flat rabbet (easily dealt with on the Frame Square).