New Crescent specifier

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
I may be poking a yellowjacket's nest, but here goes anyway...

I got my new Crescent matboard info packet a couple of days ago, and I thing this is going to be nice. The Tru-Vue line is being incorporated into the Selects line. The (regular) Rag line will remain the same.

For some time now I've had a struggle designing frames when I looked at all the colors in the Rag/Selects rack, then the colors in the Tru-Vue rack. Many times colors would overlap and numbers would be a nightmare - if a particular color was out of stock at the supplier, would that same color be available in the other brand... etc.

Most folks may not like how it was handled, but I read an interview/ad in the May PFM that actually told that this was coming - I think we all just sorta missed it. (Sometimes it pays to be a couple of months behind in your reading!)

Anyway, this is a little like rearranging your shop - a pain in the neck while it is going on, but much, much, much, better after it's finished!
Well, I got my new samples of Crescent yesterday but no info packet or specifiers or anything to indicate what goes into whom!! They were delivered by one of my suppliers so that may be the issue. There weren't any Selects, no TV boards, and, come to think of it there weren't any Crescent Linens either. I got the Moorman suedes but no linens.

I didn't have time to do more than pull the old off the rack and stack the new with customers and all but it seemed like the new mat corners didn't occupy nearly the same space as the old set of corners. Even with all the little side lines like Antiquarium and Graves they seemed a little sparse compared to the old line. How many colors did Crescent drop to meld these lines together? I fully expected to have a larger selection once the 2 lines of boards were joined as I only had Crescent with no TV before the switch. Maybe the addition of the Selects will make the difference.

Their website contains all of the deletes and most of the information that was in the packet. Has anyone received their samples based on returning the card yet?
Just to totally beat a dead horse, I haven't recieved a single (offical) anything from Crescent or my suppliers. I figure that until they quit stocking an item, without telling me, then they have the boards and are interested in selling them. I certianly haven't pulled a single mat board even though I had seen a discontinued list months ago.

Ironically I tried to order a Bainbridge board yesterday and was told that one was discontinued! I certainlly did ask why I wasn't notified of that.
The packet I got had the return reply postcard. I could get as few or as many of the samples I wanted (Original Selects, just the new Selects, Britecores, etc.)

Of course, I want them all!

This came directly from Crescent. Maybe dealing with the company and not a rep isn't so bad afterall!
I got my packet last week, too. There's an awful lot of effort in that packet to make sure we get what we need from them and update us.

That's fine with me!
I got my packet yesterday. I sent off the postcard to get the new samples. I hope it doesn't take long.

I took out all the discontinued TV mats a few weeks ago and haven't had a problem when ordering. I am excited to get some of those colors back (in the form of Crescent Select). I haven't carried Crescent Select in a while and am looking forward to some fresh new colors.
Originally posted by J Phipps TN:
I'm with Jay, I haven't gotten anything at all. Maybe it will come today!
I talked to a rep after I emailed Crescent from their website 2 weeks ago. She assured me a mailing was on the way. I've got nothing. :(
Well again the problem with this is that I have never bought a single thing from Crescent in my life. They don't have a clue who I am. How would I get a card if not from my supplier, which is whom I buy boards from?
I liked the Tru Vue line. The boards were available in black core and oversize. (I think they are changing these two aspects.) The surface on the boards is flannel-y and could be substituted for suedes when customer didn't want suede. Now the Tru vue and Crescent Select will be blended and melded and it's confusing. What do we do with all the fall-outs and pieces once a board is discontinued?

Crescent has given some substitution numbers, but my boss checked them out and said some are not too close.

We were using Larson's Artique line before Crescent came out with Crescent Select. We had never really adopted Crescent Select because of space limitations for storing the fall-outs. It seemed, too, that the Crescent colors were duplicating the Artiques, so why carry both?

I haven't really studied the new specifier, but my boss showed it to me with the notes she made. I'm glad she's organized! I would be doing this:

Sometimes change is good, but sometimes it's a major hassle.

Hey... My packet arrived today and I also filled the card out and have sent it off. I wonder (hope) how quick they will come? I always seem to get the back order slips you know. Oh well, think positive. Positive... Positive... Positive... :cool: :cool:
I wondered the same thing. I'm hoping that they come quickly. At this point, I'm not selling ANY Crescent mats. Doubt that they notice though.
Ok here is the deal. It is the company named Crescent that changed things here. Your suppliers might not know exactly everything being done. Sometimes they tell framers the same time they tell suppliers.

So if you got an issue call Crescent, you are on the web right now, you could email them. If you only care to complain, do it. But the whining on this is old.

Sorry but if you dont help yourself, then expect what comes.

Originally posted by Patrick Leeland:
If you only care to complain, do it. But the whining on this is old.

Sorry but if you dont help yourself, then expect what comes. PL
Sounds to me like everyone is forging ahead in their own way but offering their own stories and commiserating together.

<font size=1>Bad day? ;) </font size>
Sue, you are right I think these people must have bad days waiting around for things to happen. I am proactive so this is not my case. If it is not happeing do something about it or some would rather to just complain.

All of these changes from Crescent Select/Ultimats/Ultiblacks/Int.Whitecores are very confusing, but will really make everything so much more streamlined and easier eventually. BUT, if anybody in the So. California area needs any help finding the new numbers, or see if the old stock is still available, please call CMI Moulding in San Diego and we can help you find your matboard, or help you match it somehow. PLEASE do not think this is an ad, I just know the matboard line inside and out and want to help all of the framers, whether you buy from us or not!! Be sure not to overlook the packet of info you get from Crescent, because it is a great chance to update you old samples for free!
Good luck coping with the changes (and I hope somebody wishes me good luck with the changes, my computer is not happy!!).