New acrylic product


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
Someone mentioned to me recently that they had seen an advertisement for a new acrylic product that is similar to museum glass ... i.e. non-reflective but clear.

Does anyone know who supplies this product?
We use CYRO for all our acrylic. Their web page is a great source for information.

I'm not familiar with the type of acrylic you're asking about. There IS an AR grade acrylic but it's Abrasion Resistant, not AntiReflective. They do make a nonglare acrylic, too.

Hope that helps,
There is such an animal, and I vaguely remeber it being mentioned here. It is indeed acrylic, it's abrasion resistant, UV filtering and non-reflective like optically coated Museum Glass.

A miracle product, and incredibly pricey. I don't recall who makes it, and I know it's not very widely distributed at all. It's mainly being used in the museum trade, so maybe Hugh would know.

Beuler? Anyone?
Someone on HH recently posted:

"Tru Vue now has a anti static non-glare plexi that rivals museum glass.
They only sell directly to galleries on this item and it is very expensive."

So you might want to give your Tru Vue rep a call to inquire.
Museum Glazing Services (910) 692-4283 (ask for Ernie) has an OP-3 product (1/8" thick, 41" x 71") with the anti-reflective finish like TruVue A/R or Denglas. The finish serendipitously results in dissipation of the static normally associated with acrylic glazing. The finish is also available on regular acrylic glazing.
They also sell a glazing product (cast cell acrylic) called Spartek. Available in any thickness and up to 6' x 10'. 96% UV filter with no discoloration.
Also in their inventory is the ne plus ultra of glazing products. Two layers of waterwhite glass with a sandwich of UV acrylic. The package is coated with an anti-reflective finish.