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Mar 17, 2022
Fort Lauderdale
Father & Son Custom Framing
So a client came in with this robe and I figure it to be around 8’ wide by 6’ long. Now the photo is just an example of the robe. How would I go about framing this? Obviously a shadow box and plexi is there a specific thickness of plexi I should use? Also how do I get this to hang in the shadow box? Thinking a curtain rod? And I would have to use plywood for the back of the shadow box? Then what do I use to keep the robe in place so that it doesn’t move around? Thank u for the help.


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These are typically done as shown with an armature fashioned specifically for the piece and secured to a backing that is mounted to the wall or on a pedestal base.
The mount is then covered with an acrylic bonnet or vitrine (acrylic box).
These are better done as an installation rather than a hanging frame.
Look at Small Corp's website for some ideas on how to do this, and maybe even commission them to make the display, since that's what they do so well.

Is the one you have silk?
Does it have metalic thread embellishments?
Use the search function here on the Grumble for "kimono".
There are a few threads discussing how to deal with this kind of item.