Nelson Moulding

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
I'll do a search, but have any of you had any experience with Nelson Moulding in Michigan? I'm asking after the fact, 'cause I ordered a bunch of samples today.

I haven't been ordering chop from anyone who doesn't deliver, but they have an interesting, diverse line and an experienced, very professional rep.
I have a couple of their samples, all inlays. I've ordered a couple of times and was happy with them. I tossed a lot of things in this move but I kept the few samples of theirs that I have.
I love Nelson's.
Some nice mouldings and great service.

Chops are sent out with a nominal shipping charge, (Less than $2.00 I believe) and if I mess one up, they'll replace it for 1/2 of wholesale. I think I've used that option once, and it was certainly nice.

Good corners on metal chops.
Very pleasant to deal with.
We have been very happy with the company. No problems or issues to report.
The Nelson inlays didn't sell well for me but the wide Victorian styles were very popular.

Everyone at the company is pleasant to deal with, especially our rep, Becky.

The only problem I ever had with them is that when mouldings are out of stock, they are out for a looooong time.

Kit, Becky is our rep, too. What a small world!

Unless all their reps are named Becky. Or they only have one rep. Or both.

I was so impressed with Becky, I'm having her select our starting corners, with only one restriction: no oak, ash or blond maple.

Okay, three restrictions.
If you ever in need of a trip to their location, remember to take your fishing pole (Lake Trout and Coho - King Salmon. The warehouse is about 2 miles south of Grand Traverse Bay.

I went up to Traverse City 2-3 weeks ago to pick up some downriggers for a friend's charter boat and found them to be next door. I stopped in and said hello. They were very suprised to have someone just come and say hello.
Ron , I obviously am not from the area you are asking about. However your post has raised a couple of very serious questions in my mind. First: Don't you and the others in that area buy Nielson from the larger vendors( e.g. LJ and the like).And if not why? But More importantly do ya'll buy from many manufactorers direct ( especially through a factory rep) and what kind of priceing do you get?

Some of the reasoning for these questions are that in another post where we compared prices I was shocked at the differance between some of the cost differnt shop received. But more imprtantly was the fact that some received these better prices by dealing direct.While I ( and I gues a few other shops ) only buy things like Nielson, Crescent,Bainbridge through Supplier/Vendors . As such we probaly pay a slight bit more for the handleing and ,I never see a factory REP nor even know their names.In fact the closest I come is to occasionally get a sample box MAILED to my shop from one of them and then it often is things I can't get from the afore mentioned Supplier/vendors.
They're not talking about Nielson, Buddy, it's Nelson .

I thought it said Nielson at first myself.
Thank you Deb .I guess I can't read either .We already know I can't write. But despite the FOOLISH mistake ,can anyone answer the question about being called on by Factory reps and if there is any advantage.( unlike doing business like I do through distibutor/suppliers?

I have been using them both here in my shop and at my former employer, quick service great chops and the whole staff seems knowledgeable. Only trouble I ever encountered was in terminology, I order stacked frames from other company's "cut to fit" form them you need to specify "capped with"
Other then that they are a dream to deal with.

Also my former employer no longer uses them. So don duplication on that front.

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I have used Nelson's for over 10 years, with a former employer and in my own shop. They always gave me excellent service. I loved the "insurance policy" for chops. If you make a mistake in cutting, they will recut for half price. They have some really nice mouldings and I rarely have any problems with their cuts.

It is a fairly small company, but they are a growing company. Becky isn't their only rep, my rep was Paul.
Buddy, in the olden days, it was not uncommon to order Nielsen metals (and kits) directly from Nielsen. 20 years ago, they offered me terrific pricing if I made Nielsen my exclusive metal and ordered direct. I turned them down because, in those days, Clark was still an exciting line.

A lot of us also ordered from Crescent. A big old truck would roll up and dump about 900 sheets of board on my front steps and I'd haul it up 2 flights of stairs. Gee, I miss those days.

I continue to get visits from Crescent and their reps have been some of the best and most helpful people in this industry.

Now I expect to be ordering Nielsen from Nelson :confused: and Crescent from one of 3 or 4 vendors that deliver weekly here.
my rep is Yvonne, nice lady.
Nelson's is great.
However, recently i've had a lot of frames on backorder from them.
That's what I need to know.

I'm not very tolerant of frequent out-of-stocks and I'll remember to at least check stock on time-sensitive projects.

Who the **** is Nelson? They're not owned by Designer, are they?
nope, they are their own frame supplier.
another "good thing" about Nelsons is when i
order matboards for UPS, they have so far
(2year time frame here) always come in perfectly, no corner dings, nothin'.

not like Larson where there is almost always some sort of smushing dent along the edge of every mat.

and Nelsons carries truVue Monster Mats like 72x96 or something like this.
Less, Cliff Safane is the New England rep for Nelson's. You might want to give him a call @973-962-0286. He has other lines like Laville, Fotiou, and photo frames from Epoch, PPI, and a few others. Nelson's is a good company with mid-price mouldings. Nothing will knock your socks off, but it is fine for basics.