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Jul 9, 2001
Skaneateles,NY USA
my rep just left a bit ago, and there are mass exits going on today - not by choice. 10 yrs w/company, and got a phone call this a.m. - done as of 8/9. New company owners are sweeping. This guy was the only Neilsen rep I ever saw. Hopefully, this is not a sign of a decline on customer service, etc.

my 2 cents
Talked to my rep Monday. (two days ago)

word was not to expect any major changes until they got settled in. Guess they got settled, uhh?

Nurre would probably have some new products for Atlanta.

She seemed to think it would take a little time before the new owners made any moves, and it seems VERY early for a typical takeover to be cutting yet. Not sure what data they could be working on at this early a date?
I don't believe it's ALL the sales rep's.

I, too have heard lots of rumors. I'm trying to get some inside information. I do know many people have been fired ; the new owners are shaking things up for sure. I can't remember who just bought NB; will research.

My rep isn't talking.... I see fear in her eyes.

I came to grumble to see if any news has been posted.
Quoted by me on July 12: "My Northern Calif rep for Nielsen Bainbridge is standing here next to me right now, and said please tell you all that there will be "NO major changes to any of our product lines at all".

Boy, is he going to be surprised! Maybe not to their product lines, but.....ouch.
Sorry to say there have been major layoffs, including some sales people, myself included. Fortunately they are not leaving us high and dry. The product lines should stay the same, but you never know. Koberg & Co. is the investment firm that bought the company. Its been nice reading all your comments and I'm glad I was able to help a few of you, take care.
DD, I'm so sad to hear you've been laid off too. I hope "not leaving you high and dry" means they have a plan for you, or you for yourself.

Can't you still stick around the Grumble and share with us? You've been helpful here, and to me personally awhile back (thanks again, by the way)

My philosophy is "When one door closes, another one opens up", and almost always something better that we hadn't expected. Surprises await around the corner, nice ones, we hope.
Here is a link to the website of the firm that bought NB, and a list of the companies it owns:
This firm is the current incarnation of the leveraged-buyout pioneer Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. (Why am I picturing Gordon Gekko in my mind right now?)

Sorry to hear of your layoff, DeeDee. I'm going to call my rep tomorrow and check on her. She has been bravely, and so far successfully, recovering from a major health episode, and she sure doesn't need this kind of situation.

All good wishes to you, DeeDee. Now we'll all wait to see what other "surprises" are in store from some of our biggest vendors.

:( Rick
Our NB rep called on Friday and said she had been let go. :( We'll miss her. I hope she finds another job in the framing industry.
Gordon Gekko is perfect Rick!

They may not have left DD "high & dry", but many others were.... I've spoken to a few of my framer friends across the country ...... it appears Kohlber has instilled great fear; NB current & x employees are afraid to talk... have been instrusted not to discuss situation. Basically, support the Co or look for other employment!

Some of the people fired have been with NB for 20 plus years. All the sales associates were "dismissed"... they were left "high & dry".

A framer in NJ told me she NEVER saw a NB rep. Then a sales associate started calling her; she said she never got such good service... she took on Nurre because of this sales associate. I heard the same lament from other framers.

Doesn't motivate me to support Kohlber/NB.... lot's of other product available!
What scares me is what thie will mean to the rest of the industry. Lack of salespeople is bad for business. I guess we will have to watch and see what happens.
I just finished pursing Kohlber's's scary. Read their "Investment Philosophy"

one of their investments is in Healthcare! Anyone have complaints about HMO'S or heathcare?
Ah, but they are profitable when Kohlber is involved!
Thanks for your kind words everyone, and yes, I'll still cruise on through from time to time. Who knows, maybe I'll work in a frame shop!
Rick, if Linda is your rep, thankfully she is still doing well, and I believe still has her job. Layoffs were based on tenure and geographic location.
I have nothing but good things to say about all the people at N & B, as for Kolhberg and Co., they are doing what they do best, as is their"Investment Philosophy".

I must have been asleep at the switch when this was all going down.

DD, do you know if Beth survived all this? Vegas should be very interesting...

The only person left in LA that I knew was Glen Grena, who started shortly after I did in 1988. Not long after that Big Al dropped dead, I kissed a truck, and Melody flipped a car.

I should be interesting to watch NBNC become Nielson and Bainbridge and Nurre Caxton again.

Kind of like watching Michael's/Aaron Brothers come apart.

Interesting times, interesting times.
Hi Baer,
Sorry I haven't been on the grumbler much, been to busy trying to find a job! Yes, Beth is still there, as far as I know, and so is Glenn, two of my favorite people by the way! Do you happen to know Jeff Tichner? He use to be a product developer for C & H, another division of N & B. He was one of my accounts in the Bay Area.
I got a message from my rep and her whole department was let go. As much as I could understand there is noone to cover Virginia and I would need to contact customer service if I needed anything. I prefer to have sales reps come to the gallery.
I have never seen a mat company rep in my store, at all, in the 6 years I've been open.

I have started really pushing Artique, because my LJ rep takes care of me and helps my business!

Reps are important. Which ever one is the best to me, gets my business!

I hope to be a rep one day when my kids are gone, and boy have I learned alot about sales from my owning this business. I know which ones I feel the most loyality to, and why!

I think this is a Bad move on NB's part. I bet this will effect their business in a large way and for the long term!
Our Nurre Caxton/Nielsen/Bainbridge salesman left months ago, and has not been replaced.

The Crescent rep has been gone considerably longer than that. Shucks, I haven't even seen a LJ rep in months. I heard there is a new one in this territory, but he hasn't found me yet.

All of my matboards come from distributors and, to be honest, I don't need the services of a factory representative. Sure, it would be nice to have a rep drop in to say "thanks" occasionally, but it certainly is not important.
Wasn't it just recently that many were throwing all their Crescent mats out?
"Wasn't it just recently that many were throwing all their Crescent mats out? "

LOL, I was thinking the same thing.

Look, some friends got hurt. It's business. In my previous life I had to lay off friends more times than I want to remember. It's business. grow up.

If it effects the quality of product, delivery, or anything else that effcts YOUR business (I am not referring to neighborly visits and chats) then fine, react by changing your product offering in some way. But to do so because they're trying to be profitable is just plain silly.
I'm with you Cliff!
Met my new rep Gina today. Very pleasant visit. She showed me new stuff and took care of discontinued items. She said that I probably would see her about 4 times a year (which is normal) and if I needed anything to just call. What more could I ask for? We'll see how it goes.