Needed: Mountain Men Couch Size Print, LE, Orig?

Rick Bergeron - CPF

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 18, 1999
Canistota, SD USA
Lost Cajun Chateaux
We have a customer looking for a "sofa size" print of mountain men, bearded, dressed in furs, etc. Can be landscape w/mountain men. Specifically can't be western leatherwear, native american, etc.

Desires OpenEdition Print, will consider limited edition and possibly original. Didn't flinch at $1000 original but 16x20 size was too small.

Customer claims to have searched deeply on internet for quite a while. My brief search didn't yield anything remotely promising. Art Explorer didn't yield anything acceptable.

Ideas or directions greatly appreciated.
Did you try looking under the words fur trader ?
Try Alfredo Rodriguez
"Liar's Club"

click here
and then on the artist's name, and then on "Liar's Club"

I have one if you don't want to order it yourself. (Very nice company to deal with)
It's been a while, but I recall an artist, Paul Calle did this kind of thing. Is/was published by Mill Pond Press, I believe.
TNX for the links. We've done in less than 24 hours what the customer hasn't been able to do in 3-4 years (so they claim). It will take a few days for them to get back in, but I'll let you know what happens. All the links/sources appear to be in the realm of the needs and wants.

TNX again