Need your help again - Need to hang a flag

Jeff S.

Grumbler in Training
Aug 2, 2006
Hello everyone -

You guys were such a great help with my other framing project that I thought I would ask your opinion about my current challenge.

I am now in possession of a family 4ft tall by 8 ft long American Flag from the early 1920's (only 48 stars). It is in great condition and appears to be made from wool. There are also some newspapers in the orginal shipping box that I can only assume were for packing.

Ok so now my question. I would like to hang this unfurled on one of my walls. I have asked some local framers and they have all sort of scratched their heads and suggested one of those triangle flag frames. So am I crazy? Is this something that can be done? If you have any suggestions on a course of action that would be great.

So you're just going to hang it on the wall, not framed?

Get some Velcro and sew along the edge that will be on top. Plenty of stitches in cotton thread. Attach the other part of the Velcro to a board attached to the wall. Slap them together.

This is all assuming the flag is in good shape and strong enough to support its weight.

And to second what Baer said, the blue field is ALWAYS in the upper left corner, no matter whether it's displayed vertically or horizontally.
If you ARE framing it - 4x8' with space around to make it, say 4.5 x 8.5' - with space from the glass too.........

Then I can't describe the solution - 'cause I've never had to do anything like it.

BUT if you are talking about hanging it - as a hangimg thing not in a frame, then I have done this - but only because we sell the gear that makes it possible.

Make 'tabs' or loops, from cotton tape or webbing on the top and bottom of the flag and slide poles through these tabs. The thing is hung from the top pole and weighted by the bottom one.

But it ain't framing, so I'm probably barking up the wrong tree.

HOWEVER - once these tabs & poles (or RODS) have been stitched on/slid through - the thing is MOUNT-able - the rods can be sunk into a backing etc etc. But then the whole thing COULD be support-sewn ONTO a backing and treated in just the same way as a SMALL flag (etc) - just that the support would need to be more substantial, the glass more bulletproof and the moulding more able to cope with the extra bulk and weight.

Good luck!
Ok sorry yes I would like to have it framed as it would have flown, and somewhat removeable, not "destroyed" in the process (no adhesive etc). The local framers couldn't quite figure that out. I don know the proper terms for all this stuff but I was thinking some fishing line attached to the top edge in several places and then sandwiched in between some foamcore?

The flag is in excellent shape. It could be flown if desired. It is really like new. Suprising for a flag that is over 80 years old.

So please keep the ideas coming.

I am trying to figure out where you are heading with this??? Are you talking about framing this flag yourself?? If not then you should be talking to some of the local framers about the proper way to frame it.

If they aren't giving you any good ideas I am curious as to who you will get to incorporate any good ideas that you get on this forum??

Just an attempt to put some pieces in proper order.

"I would like to have it framed as it would have flown". I can see hanging on a pole to unfurl the desired amount by tipping the pole in a frame. It won't need to be 4' wide but longer than the 8'. I'll leave the math to the local framer.
A shawdow box with a hinged back or front for easy access. Include some information on proper handling of the flag etc. for future genrations.
Ok, now we're talking... Sewn down with a like thread, on a like back ground. (Cotton, cotton, cotton or Nylon, Nylon, Rayon or Polyester)

For this big, and to keep the weight down....

Stretcher bar system with several cross-spreaders.
First stretch fiberglass screen over the whole, then stretch fabric over the screening.

Then stitch the flag down through the fabric and screening.
Running basting stitches can be hidden in the seams of the strips to support the mid section.

A Minimum of 1" deep liner-spacer goes around the stretched flag and background.OP3, Coroplast to protect the back, frame and hang....

Then take pictures and post.

This was a cotton flag... Bulldog 3.5'x5' so I mounted it on washed muslin, and sewed with cotton thread.
In addition to what Baer said, remember that wool
is most attractive to insects and making a package
with a plastic/aluminum laminate is a good way
to keep them away from the wool.

Ok sorry yes I would like to have it framed as it would have flown...
Do you mean that you want to display the flag in the same manner as flags displayed on the following pictures?


3'x5' flag at the Community Center gym.


3'x5' flag at the Barnes&Noble bookstore.

The process takes time, patience and some unusual for the framing trade materials. Your display of the 80 years old flag can be then covered with a pretty large acrylic box.

Boris Muchnik
There is a relatively easy way to create that look of a waving flag using very thin acrylic rod. The rod is 1/16 diameter and therefore VERY flexible. You can sew the rod onto the flag and position it however looks best and then tack it down. The acrylic keeps it in the waving position. This is the brief explanation of course.

Very interesting idea!

Is it possible to subcontract your services when I receive the next order for this kind of flag display? I could order only the base made from acrylic roads. I will take care of attaching the flag to this base and making a frame if needed.

Could you please quote me your price for the base that accomodates 3'x5'flag.

Boris Muchnik
We are NOT a framer, we supply the industry with acrylic frames and materials. We do not touch the art. Back in the dark ages we were once full line wholesale framers for some of the finest galleries in Los Angeles, but that was 30 years ago. I'll be happy to share any knowledge I have with you, but we don't do the job. I am sort of a nut on solving framing problems using acrylic of course so whenever I can help, I'm happy to do that.