Need source for closed corner Really ornate 8X10 Frame

Chuck T

True Grumbler
Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
Hi all, I need to find an 8X10 "antiqued" Bright gold closed corner frame with elaborate corners. Any suggestions? Thanks
Mmmmmmm, I'm not sure I should stick my finger into this one.... but... here goes, because noone else is stepping in it....

1) Antiqued is not usually used with the term "Bright gold"

2) Closed corner DOES on the other hand go well with elaborate corners.....

3) It is the term "elaborate corners" that needs the defining first....

Are you talking Iconic, Trophy, Mirror, or Tabernacle?

Mannerist, Louis XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, Regency, Auralist, Dutch Reform, Neo Classic, Greek Revival, Italianite, Rococco, English Reneseance, French Reneseance, Dutch Extreme, Baer Extreme, Napoleonic, Federalist, Russian Revival, Pre- Raphaelite, Victorian, Hobo art or 1970s Mexican frames?

You see the problem Chuck?

Oh, and I forgot the BIG question: "What's your budget?"
You seem to have a clear idea of what those frames should be looking like. At that size I guess that AMCI or APF may be of help to you with some of their custom made "drawing" type frames. Be prepared to pay a minimum of 6 ft/frame and wait about a month for delivery.
The way you worded your demand makes me suspect that you ment to say "8x10 inch ready-made
"antiqued" phony gold, ornate corner, inexpensive frames" and then you need to search a plethora of (ornate, bright, antiqued) plastic photo frame suppliers.
Yes - Cheap. Replace yard sale frame. Ready made, not high quality, high end frame. Thanks for the info
Chuck: If you go to the International Moulding website and the "contact us" area, retail items, ready mades, look at 3100-10810 for $22.00 and 3100-24810 for $25.00.
John, I think those are to expensive.... :D

Chuck did say "Replace yard sale frame"....

There is that new fancy . . . oh never mind, I don't want to be accused of LJ bashing.... :D

Another one may be San Diego frame... if they are still around. Blown foam, gaudy, spray gold...etc.