Need roll of polyester film


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
Years ago, I could drive down the street to a plastic supplier and buy a 100 foot x 40" wide roll of 2 mill Mylar for $20. That business is long gone and no one else does the the Mylar. Anyone know a trustworthy, reasonably priced source who will ship to a non-business?
Thanks, John
Just be prepared to pay a premium to have our sponsor's shipper deliver it to your 'non-business' address. A couple of bucks. And note that any 'free' offer from our sponsor delivered to your 'non-business' address will come with a shipping & premium bill ($6.36 for 2 rolls of ATG tape, in my case - which, of course, I paid). Oddly enough, the State of South Carolina and the City of North Charleston are happy enough to send business tax and permit information and forms to my 'non-business' address for free . Oh,'s still much cheaper than storefront expenses, for sure. And I LOVE our sponsor, did I mention that?

United #2834 Dupont "Melinex 516 Formula" 3 mil, $69.15.
I tried United before starting this thread but was stopped at the registration page. Figured I was SOL when I saw they wanted a business name and Tax ID. I'll fill in the form and see what happens.
Thanks, John
The shipping premium to residential addresses is, I think, a UPS policy - not United's.

It's the reason I always had personal packages shipped to my store instead of my home.

John, if United doesn't sell or ship to you, it probably wouldn't be because it's not to a business address. It would be because you're not a business. Why not give them a call and ask about their policies?

Incredibly, some businesses get annoyed when their suppliers sell directly to a consumer.
The 'non-business' address is a two edged sword. The premium is definitely a UPS policy, not United's, hence I specifically wrote "sponsor's shipper" in my earlier post. What happens to a 'free' offer, though, is when UPS hits United with a premium charge, it will be passed along to the customer, along with the full shipping charge. It the policy, that's all. It was an unpleasant surprise, and I wanted JohnR to know what was coming his way, if indeed he is able to establish an account with United.