Need one 30" piece Omega 80014 Black w/ red rub

Aug 13, 2001
Coronado, CA, USA
Hello to all in Framing Land,
Seems like every other frame I need is out of stock. I need a 30" leg of Omega 80014 Black w/ red rub line on edges, shape is flat pyramid like or flat swan shape. Of course my client wants it right away and Omega says out of stock until December.

How's Business????? Has not been a banner year for me. Summer was slow, fall seemed slow, maybe now that the elections are over we can all back into the swing of things.

Wish all well for the upcoming Holiday Season!!

Just called Omega and got the California location and told her I was told it was out of stock across the board and i asked her if she could check the bin to see if she had a little piece. She came back and said she had a 9' stick.
AAAArrrrrggggggggg!!!!! @#$%^&*()_+_)*(&^%$#!!!!!!
O.K. I feel better!
If you guys went to the trouble of looking up this frame and going through your bins, I Thank You, please send any complaints to Omega!!!

What about those Chargers???
Just called Omega to see if somebody had purchased a large amount of this moulding. I asked the