Need Nurre Caxton moulding

Rick Granick

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Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
Does anyone have any Nurre Caxton #11107 ? It is from their Sofistica line, a simple scoop about 1-7/8" wide with a mottled brown panel and antique gold outside and lip. (Only the antique silver version is still available, and I'm trying to match cust. previous frame.) All I need is an 11 x 14, so this could even be a readymade. Thanks for checking.
:cool: Rick
Rick, I see there has been so much success with this...

I would suggest that you contact your Rep, but they may be working for La Marsh or Bendix by now...

I looked it up.... nice moulding but we don't carry NC on principal. Good luck.
Patrick.... the Principal owner and voter of the shop doesn't want to add NC...

My being terminated in 1989 after being run over by a truck has nothing to do with it....
I think it was the junky line for a while.. but some nice things lately really make me want to boot-leg em in. :D

After all, our metal line is N.
Baer, that surprises me. I've been buying from them since they were a local supplier, the Henry Nurre Company, an old family-owned business. Two young partners, Gary Gleason and Gerald Leassner, expanded it and started importing beautiful Italian mouldings from Guerrini and manufacturing their own line. They became so successful that they were eventually bought out by N+B to become Nurre Caxton. I have always found their products mostly to be well designed, of high quality, and good sellers. If there is ever a problem, the service people take care of it right away, no questions asked. Give 'em a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
:cool: Rick
No, I'm not on their payroll ;)
Their mailing address is in Florida, but they have several plants, including one right here in Cincinnati. My rep comes a lot more frequently than my LJ rep does. She's great. And, fortunately, still employed.
:cool: Rick

P.S. My customer said it was ok to sub. the silver version of the moulding I needed.
Rick, I think you missed the point... or I was a little obtuse.

Gary & Gerry were in Cin with Nurre. Frank and Tony were in Pompano Beach, FL as Caxton. They "merged" about 1986 to become Nurre Caxton. Neilson Bainbridge was quit a while down the road.

In 1988 I was hired to open up NoCA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, NoNV. That first 11 months I drove 89,000 miles, and was home 21 weeks. The territory went from $132K to $1.6mill.

On March 5th 1989, while helping three ladies on Mt Rose Pass between Incline Village (Lake Tahoe) and Reno, I was struck by a truck.

The VP of the WestCoast was Gary's baby sister who never liked me and what made it worse was I only reported to Frank in FL... and kept winning Salesman of the Month & quarter...

So as I was bouncing in and out of the hospital, she terminated me because "I couldn't drive to see accounts"... well duh?
But she insisted that the official line given on the phone was: "he is no longer with the company". Which we all know is a euphemism for "terminated with prejudice".

Many of my <s>accounts</s> friends had my phone number and would check up on my progress. One framer drove down to San Jose from Sacramento to bring me some Chicken Soup. She also asked that I call her when I thought I would attempt my 1 year goal: walk around the block in under 24 hours. [block was the size of about 5 smooshed together and the circumference was about 7/10th of a mile.]

I called the night before then started out about 4am... [one of my major wake-ups in my wake/sleep cycles of the days] My room mate got up about 8am and brought me some breakfast and coffee, and June showed up a little later with some other good things to munch on and drink. She stayed the entire time and was as proud as if she was my mother when I got home at 10:45 that night.

I didn't know it at the time, buy June was battling a loosing fight with leukemia. It made that day all the more special. And sad.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get maudlin. Sorry...

In "My Day" NC was a distributor of Neilson, and our "Main" line was the Translucents...[who's time I think has returned.] and the Richwoods. Near the end I blew records away with the Sandstones... [another one that would be nice today].

Over the next 10 years, their line seemed less than creative, bold, and innovative.... Kind of like Neilson was for 20 years. Same ol' Same ol'.

Recently, Neilson has made some very innovative and creative bold changes.... and they are following suit in the Nurre line. And if I had a rep left in this area... I might take a look at the whole line and talk it over with the boss...

But that is the "Principal" of the matter... Shar owns her shop. I just putz around and hack at a few pieces of wood once in a while.... but it is her choice. I might have a say... :rolleyes:
Interesting story, Baer. Presumably "sister" is "no longer with" the company now.
I always did like the Translucents. I have one particular customer who would dance a jig if they came back. I didn't like the Sandstones much, though. They had finish issues similar to LJ's LeCirque. They also remind me of the dreaded Southwestern Era, that time when everything had to be pale and pastel, and when Nielsen dumped a lot of their strong earthy colors to introduce a bunch of pinks and mauves that had practically no difference between them.
Ok I thought there was something there, sorry that happened, but now you are with Frank, so all is good now!!!

Patrick, no prob. Yes, Frank and Garrett..

Rick, yes, I think I might dance a small little jig myself for the little Trans. They were fab for color lips. Can you imaging That hot pink inside the new neon green metal 117? Whoa... SOUTHBEACH!
Roma has a series of rounded tropical colors on pine. It's about an inch wide and doesn't have the gloss finish, but that would work for the design you described. They do have a hot pink.
:cool: Rick
I tried them once.... It took to long to lay that much high gloss krylon on the stupid thing.... :D

That Southbeach look has NOThing to do with a tasteful mat finish...