Need Mat for Kentucky Blue

Oh yes!! It is one of the Tru Vue line.
Flag blue I beleive is what I used

There is also a Bainbridge raw silk that works REALLY well too!
Thanks so much!!!
Even though we are in the middle of TN Vol orange country, it is good know what to use when we get orders for things from our "sister" state.
As Steven said TV Flag Blue 5909 or 3409 or black core 5309
Other brands that are close:
Artique 4878
Bainbridge 8474
Crescent 1660

I think the TV is your best bet
Here is one for your "Favorites" list

College School Colors

I think somewhere I say the PSA designation once, and there are only about 14 colors as well as gold and silver. But I can't remember where that was.

NOW a SMART Mat manufacture [hint hint] would track that down and publish a list as to the school, and which mat board #s.
The black core flag blue looks awesome!
Being from Lexington KY I get my fair share of UK stuff. Flag Blue is the most popular.
THe Bainbridge raw silk looks great on diplomas, etc.