need large easels


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 22, 2003
Anyone know where I can get nice looking floor easels for displaying up to say 16x24 or larger and some table top ones to hold 11x14 etc.... maybe matching.... gold colored, nice but understated, not gaudy... you know... perfect?
If you have a Brass Werks store in your area they have easels for 40 bucks that are nice but a bit on the cheap side for construction.

Easels by Amron (sp?) also carries a full line of brass plated easels and some of them are under 50 bucks.

Framerguy, never heard of Brass Werks...

I'm searching the web too.

Kinda like that deacon...

I just didn't have any idea where to find them. Or what to expect to pay.
Yes, I know you get what you pay for. But I didn't know what I was paying for and thought "awww maybe $50 er so."
Anyone ever buy the "baroque display easel" from Dick Blick? They are $84.99. I found them on the web search...

those are retail prices; yours would be 1/2 that.

I sell a good number of these:

Prices are (retail) starting at 16.99 and top out at 60ish. Not bad at all. Note that they are adjustable. We sell alot more of the iron and copper finishes than we do the gold.
Barb, right, retail, duh. Barb, I like those. Thanks everyone... If you think of anything else...