need La Marche moulding


True Grumbler
Jul 5, 2001
Aberdeen, WA USA
I thought I'd pulled all the La Marche samples but found one yesterday after the customer chooses it for her picture. Its #1472 4238, a 2" distressed gold bamboo with a brick red showing through on the highlights. La Marche says the moulding is out of stock with no due date. I need 33 x 52. The customer knows about the supply problem but I was hoping some grumbler could help. Thanks.
Sorry, I don't have it but I am hoping all those grumblers that are thinking of giving LaMarche another try see this post and finally accept that this LaMarche dog don't hunt.

Decor 9665 is a somewhat distressed gold bamboo about 1 3/4" it lacks the red but has a bit of a grayish wash.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Or, there is Universal N4027. Same profile but significantly darker gold (more orange)--something like the color of Bainbridge Mat board 8004 Warm gold and just a bit darker in color to LJ559WG Castillano, but not as dark as LJ Nouveau. Good luck.

Why in the world, after seeing all these OOS posts here and on HH, would anyone ever continue or consider doing business with that company? Are we all masochists?

(Don't tell me it's because they have gorgeous stuff nobody else does. What good does it do you if you can never get the stuff?)
Wishful thinking: "...gorgeous suff nobody else has it".
Reality: "... gorgeous stuff nobody has it. Period. Not even LM. Get over it."
But guys . . .

They have a beautiful new catalog and all those full-page ads!

Dave, I was trying to guess what OOS stands for when I realized it's an acronym for the reason we keep trying: Our Own Stupidity.

(Naturephotographer: No personal insult intended.)

If you need to free up any server space just block all threads that have "NEED" and "LaMarche" in the heading.

By my calculations you will save 1.1 Jigawatz of space.

(OK so the 1.1 jigawatz is actually from the movie back to the future, just getting tired of seeing these posts every other day.)