Need La Marche Moulding Help


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 13, 2003
Does anyone have LaMarche Moulding 71422 in stock? I need a chop of 24 x 30. Please call me direct 303 278 2682 if you can help. Thanks Colleen.
Sorry Colleen can't help, learned the LaMarche moulding early on. If there is anything like it or if you could post a description I will be glad to see if I have a substitute.

Check with Gryphon to see if they carry what your looking for.

Just wanted to point out that it has been over a week since an out of stock LaMarche post has been posted.

Way to turn things around LaMarche.

For anyone considering giving them another chance, please reconsider. For every shop that stops carrying them is one less post like this we have to read.
Hey Colleen, how ya doing? I bet you already tried this but, ABC carries it under the number 6511. Don't know if they have it in stock though. Bet not. I got lucky once when ABC was out of a particular LaMarche, I called LaMarche and asked them for other distributors who carried it. Of course, I was not so lucky a couple months ago, two of the three distributors I tried told me they had given up on LaMarche and pulled it from their line.

Good luck with your search and Happy Holidays!
We have it . Our number is 11-1047. We can ship it today if you like. Call us at Gryphon moulding 1-800-277-2161 fyi we also have the silver version!