Need Help with Password


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
I have lost my password and changed my email address since I set up my account. Can someone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I am having problems emailing people directly and I can't figure out why.

I can be reached @

Thanks to whoever can help.

I have set up the Auto-login and missplaced the printout I had with my password on it. The email address I had when I first set up my account has sinse been closed and I now use the new one listed above. I have tried the mehtod you listed above with no luck. If I put in my new e-mail, it tells me that it doesn't recognize it. If I put in the old one "" it tells me that it sent the password to the address on file. I can't get that message for obvious reasons. When I try to send a message directly using the "Contact Us" link, it launches AOL and I don't have an aol account to log in with....

Am I doing something wrong? I am ussually pretty good with this stuff, but this ones got me stumped.

All this because I just wanted to update my Profile.

I appreciate any help you can give.
Well here's the thing. You must know your password to change your email address in your profile or to set a new password.

If you don't know your Grumble password and you already have a new email address, you're pretty much screwed.

This is not going to sound very helpful, but my suggestion would be to re-register and start over.

Trust me, you can post 101 times on a good weekend and regain your Certified Grumbler status in no time.
I probably don't sound very sympathetic to Harry's plight, but I am.

Recently, I wanted to make some minor changes to my website (after ignoring it for several months) and discovered I had forgotten my log-in information. Fortunately, I had saved the email with the information (on the hard drive - not just the server) so I was okay.

Please don't everybody do this right this minute but, sometime, click on the lost password link in the log-in area and have your log-in information automatically emailed to you. Save the email in your documents folder or someplace where you won't delete it.

Or, if you KNOW you password and log-in name, write it down someplace where you can find it.

Harry, try emailing Bill McKay with the info in the link I gave earlier, but don't be upset if you don't get a response. He's a very busy guy, The Grumble is a hobby for him and he gets TONS of these requests.
Thanks for trying Ron. I guess I will start over again. I hate to loose my "Status" but hey life's a b****!

With that, I will bid you all a fond farewell as "Harry" and shall return as someone far more whitty and exiting...... or at least with a different name.
Harry, if you need any tips on reaching that Certified Grumbler level in a few hours, let me know.

Baer should be able to help, too.
Ron, is there a post bank similar to the sick bank that my wife's school system keeps? You know, if a teacher doesn't use up their sick time they can put some aside for others to use. Maybe the Benifit Manager of the Grumble could dip into the post bank for Harry, just enough to get him up to snuff, not make a god out of him!

((sorry, heavy fume day today, not making much sense, that darn Unseal is sooooo smelly! Time to leave and get behind the wheel of my car!! Wheee!))
Bob, Thanks for the thought. That would be cool. I don't mind starting over. As you can see from this post I have already done so. one down only 101 more to go to get caught up. I should be all set by 3 o'clock this afternoon. I just hate to give up all of the benefits of time served. Wait, are there any?
And this brings up a very good point. That Unseal can desolve very rapidly.

Do you know of everything in you computer....?

Buy (thier cheap), a 5" ring binder. Fill with CD holders and fullsheet slips.

Print out your Programs file so you know what you have or are missing.

Put everything in that binder.... so when you have to rebuild your crashed and burned piece of scrap metal that is only good as a sea anc . . . sorry, sore subject.

Also you should have a single document that has ALL of your log-in and password stuff...


G.F.K.A. Harry, set alarm for 1am.
Start at bottom of Warped, post on every single thread (I know you can have SOMETHING to say)...

Move to Grumble and do same (offer up ideas that will have FACTS pulling their hair:t:

Move on to Framing Ideas... Post pictures of the last five things you framed today... (we get some entertainment out of this too! :D )....

Spend the next two week explaining yourself, and you will be a framing god in no time.
Ok Harry, I noticed you forgot what town you were located in. Or are you planning on moving???
I was thinking about moving into Worcester, but there just isn't room for both of us in that thriving metropolus.....

Actualy, I am leaving the door open for expansion... as I become the framing GOD of Massachusettes AH AH AH AH...... (evil laugh)