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Need help with my math

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
Using Larson's 4" Aubusson silver--their code 899825--on a 40 x 60 canvas. My math tells me I need a minimum of 10 ft sticks for this to work; like two ten footers and a 48" chop. Anything less than 10 ft and I need to order a chop.

Am I correct on this? LIfesaver tells me it's 21.5 ft.

ALl the LJ charts on how to figure moulding I think are telling me the same thing.

Verification, please
You can get two 40's from a 10' length but not a 40 and a 60 (unless you are using a mitre saw that cuts one cut at a time). With a single mitre saw you could get a 40 and 60 from a 120" since it would only require 116". Otherwise one length for the 2 40's and either 2 60" chops or two more lengths.
What are you talking about Jeff.(my employee)
40+60+4+4+4+4=116 that leaves 4" left for the waste of a dbl miter saw.

Now the Problem is are they 10' sticks or are the 3 meters.
When you order, you may want to ask how long this particular moulding is, unless you know they are 10'. I struggle with the length problem all the time. Wouldn't it be nice if all moulding lengths from every supplier was the same?
I guess the real question here is:

How long is a stick of moulding?

Also which came first; the chicken or the egg?
And let them make the money too - well depends on your setup.
Also, you have to hope the finish is good from end-to-end.
yeah I guess I call LJ and see what the sticks are. I THOUGHT my math was correct and that I needed at least 10 foot sticks.

thanks again