Need help with fabric mat


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Dec 14, 2004
Big Rapids, Michigan
I have searched but cannot locate a thread I read sometime last year.

What I want to do is take a fabric mat, cut the core and tear away the core in the opening then wrap the remaining fabric back over the bevel - goal to make a simulated liner from the mat.

I remember reading that it can be done but I don't remember how - also can it be done on a cmc or will I need to pull out the old cutter?

The purpose is to solve a problem - canvas stretched on uneven stretcher bars - when put in the frame the corners fit the rabit but the center bows up and down leaving a small gap along the edge of the rabit. The frame is not large enough to use a liner.

Thanks in advance.

The key to doing this is to set your mat blade to just cut through the backing without cutting the fabric. It takes a well calibrated flat cutting mat cutter to do this but it can be done quite easily.

Once you have cut the backing board through you can go to the front of the mat and make 4 cuts each radiating out at a 45&#186 angle from each corner of the opening. Measure out about an inch or so and cut 4 flaps that are cut parallel to the mat opening sides and intersecting the 45&#186 cuts. This should leave you with 4 flaps of cloth and a hole that is smaller by about 2" both ways and centered in the opening of the backing board.

Now you can fold the flaps around the bevel and attach it to the backing board with Fusion or whatever you choose to use and a tacking iron. Be careful in the corners to get a clean sharp corner when you tack down the cloth in that area. It just spoils the whole look of a wrapped mat to have the corners sort of rounded off by not mounting them squarely in place.

Why not apply fabric to a neutral colored mat and wrap the bevel? Sounds like a less complex answer to your problem. We use this method for almost all fabric mats.

Jack Cee

Wrapping a prefab board takes less than 5 minutes start to finish. Nice profit item with no additional materials or steps.

How big is the gap from the bowed canvas?

I ask because I am wondering if a fillet would do the trick. There are some awfully beefy fillets out there that could bridge some serious gaps quite nicely. BTW, I ALWAYS charge for the fillets, it ain't my fault that the canvas is wopperjod. **no extra charge, though, for my editorial comments** There are also such animals as mat liners or slips from places like Raphael's that are liners without a rabbet and can easily be painted, gilded or wrapped with fabric. These would be much more stable in this application.

Truly, it sounds like this might not be a good candidate for a wrapped mat- it won't hold up gracefully to being unglazed if it is only a 4 ply especially if it's that skinny. It'll be a warped roller coaster in no time and the sight edge of the mat will be likely to pop up.

You could also wrap a fillet with fabric if you must, but it might be easier to *just* find one the same color as the frame and pop it in.

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Thanks everyone - Just the info I needed - I knew that I could count on you guys


BTW Edie - I did try to sell a filet - piece needs 10 ft - no such luck - we are in the second poorest county in MI so dollars are tight. However, I did get $ for the mat and "extra time". Hope the mat works on the first try - I will practice on some scrap first.