Need Help With E-Mail Address Change


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Jul 30, 1997
Leawood, Kansas USA
Either I'm stupid or I'm stupid. Will someone please help me with a change of e-mail address? The screen keeps asking for my current password: when I type in my log-in password, it's rejected. Are there TWO passwords? One for log-in, one for e-mail?

I'm stuck. Someone out there knows how.
There is a thread right at the top on the main forum that talks about login problems, etc... that should help you!

I tried that, Roz. That's what I meant when I said I think I'm stupid. Perhaps it's the last week I've spent configuring two computers, new ISP, new identities, etc. I'm fried.

I can't pull off the change of e-mail.

Just enter your new email address, and your current password.

Then go to the email account and look at the new password you were assigned, you'll find there is an email from the Grumble. (once you change your email address, you'll have a new automatic password). Go back to the forum, login WITH THE NEW PASSWORD they sent you.

Then go to your profile and create your own new password (or re use the one you had before).

Confusing? Nah.

PS: I just did that, just for the heck of it!
Paul, this is me, CathieMM, who needed help thinking. I just did as you suggested and this time it went through fine.

Sometimes I think I'm living in a parallel universe, 'cause it sure didn't the first three attempts. Thanx!

And you, too, Roz.
The passwords are case sensitive. That's often a sign of frustration and confusion.
Cathy, I frequently run into problems trying to use my ATM pin # to log onto the network at work.

Or vice-versa.