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B. Newman

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Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
Somebody posted recently about doing fabric wrapping for a decorator to match cornice boards or draperies, etc. Anybody got a clue what this is?

I've tried every key work I can think of, and looked at all the topics back 75 days, but just can't locate it.
Just about any fabric can be used to hand wrap a mat. The light and medium weight fabrics (non stretch) are best. Extra heavy upholstery are not very flexable and can be problematic.

We have offered to use customer supplied fabrics for ever. The charges are less 10% if they supply the fabric.

I have always used the fabric adhesive sold by united.
I don't remember what topic it was on, but I think I was the one that posted what you are refering to.

Have a custom window treatment/decorator across the street. I wrapped ONE liner to match some drapes and it is on display with the window treatment in her store. We thought it would be a big hit, but I haven't had to make one for a customer yet.

maybe I need to adjust the pricing to give her more profit?

What was your question?
Yeah John, that was it.

I was thinking, Cliff, that you had started a topic about it - I just missed that it was within another thread.

A friend of mine is looking to develop a "niche" and I thought - given his other abilities - that might be a good thing to look at.

Thanks guys.