Need help with a moulding number..........


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 7, 2002
I am in need of the number of a Larson Juhl moulding. I do not have a LJ catalog...... sooo, hopefully someone can help with this description. I do know that it is a Larson moulding.

The moulding I am looking for is about 3/4" wide and 1/2" to no more than 3/4" high. It has a gesso type finish and is a dark brown/black finish. It has an "antique" look to it. The design is sort of an oval shape with thicker lines on one end of the oval. Inside the oval is a teardrop shape. between the ovals are comma shapes that go towards the outer edges of the frame. This moulding has been around for a number of years.

If you can help me with the number on this moulding, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for the suggestion of going to the website. I should have said that I had already been there. However, the website is very dark and my monitor is very dark so I cannot tell one moulding from the next. They are all blacker than black. :D

I am wondering though, could it be 285BL that I am looking for?

1. It is not 285BL - that is a plain black frame with no ornamentation or "antiquing".

2. Have you used it in the past? If so then check your customer files or your past invoices if you have a clue as to when the last time is that you may have ordered it.

3. After looking through my LJ catalog the only thing that I can find that even comes close to what you are describing is number 115CGB from the Vienna line, however, this one has gold on the top of it.

I tried.