Need help stretching canvas


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 28, 2002
Albuquerque, NM
This is a "frameless" piece. The customer will be taping the sides herself. My question is what does the framer do with the rest of the canvas (not part of the painting) that is leftover after stapling to the sides of the bars. Do I wrap it around the back of the bars and staple again? Do I trim off?

Thanks in advance for any help....
I wouldn't trim it. Just wrap around to the back and neatly staple as you did on the sides. The use of hospital corners adds a nice effect as well.

(What kind of tape?)
Thanks, MM. I don't know about the tape, the decorator is getting it for her.
:D Ah, those decorators: gotta luv 'em.
(Actually, I mean that: they make me lots and I DO luv 'em.)
Never trim anything unless your customer wants it done and specifically asks you to do it.

Nothing adds a classy touch to an original oil painting like some black electricians' tape around the edge. Oh yeah!

With luck, you customer will come to her senses when she sees the finished product and return to you to have the piece framed.

Then you can put a dust cover on it and it won't matter what the edges of the extra canvas look like.

Ideally you should not trim the excess canvas, but sometimes there is no choice. If there is a whole lot of canvas, it almost gets too unwieldy to handle.

I use strainers most of the time, so excess canvas is rarely an issue; I just fold it back and staple it.

If you’re using stretchers, however, stapling the excess may interfere with your ability to “key” the corners.