Need help on BIG rug

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Dec 16, 2002
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I am doing a Navajo rug with a finished size of 60X87. There will be about 4" of mat seen around the rug. I am splicing 3 oversized suedes together. The frame is a deep shadowbox with another flat moulding (about 3 inches wide) used for visual weight at the front of the shadobox moulding. The sides will be lined or painted and the rug will be at the back of the shadowbox. There will be no glazing. My quandary is mounting this thing and keeping it from bowing, then hanging it as well. It will be hanging very high on a wall (above a 7' or 8' wardrobe)which will help with any splicing visibility.

I have searched the topic and haven't found any final solutions. I do have some ideas swimming around in my sugar overloaded cranium, but I am open to any and all suggestions.

The bad part . . . I need to have it done by Dec 31. Yeah, I know it will be a miracle, but it's the season for miracles isn't it? :D

Thanks in advance!
Very heavy duty stretcher bar material.

Make a frame with cross-barring. Vertical and Horizontal. Stretch nylon screen door screen-- the "anti-dog" weight [stapleing to the back].

Next stretch fabric that has been double flat seemed together down the middle. Now you have an easy foundation to stitch that dang thing down to.

If you need to, double the layer of screen.
Thanks for the input Baer. How would you attatch the stretcher to backing? screw thru the mat and everything? I have a small repreive as I can't get the shadowbox moulding in until next week. Customer will just have to wait! (the joy of framing at Christmas time is stuff out of stock)

Anyone have any other ideas?
You should be able to get fabric that wide in a suede and stretch it around bars over screen as Baer says.
You could also make the seams part ofthe design element.
You could piece together foam core two pieces of 60x42 (This could be 3 sections also: 28x60) on the front these two pieces could be wrapped separate by wrapping the edges around the foam core for a neat appearance. Then glue two pieces 30x84 across those pieces on the back to hold all pieces together.
This way you have a sturdy 1/2 inch thick backer to sew to.