Need help identifying moulding numbers

Jeff Rodier

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 28, 2005
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Can anyone identify the numbers of the two outer mouldings in this photo.



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These are items sold by your friendly neighborhood Big Box store if that helps.
No, just a photo. I have spent several hours with this customer and just before she was ready to give us the go she went there and saw these.

I designed the piece in a very similar manner. The dark gold was the important part of the design. We had chosen the mouldings from LJ and of course the BB is much cheaper. Now that she has seen cheaper material she won't even look at less expensive alternatives that I have samples of on my wall.
Tell her to go to the BB and get her framing done there.

Or have her buy their frame and you put it on her artwork.

I already have her deposit and a second piece is in progress now. She will give me the job even if my price is higher for the same materials (they own a basement remodeling company and hates when customers do the same to them).
Don't you carry anything that looks like those samples?

Universal has soem in that flavor of color.

Max, Omega, Decor too.

A vast majority of mldg is a copy of what someone else has done.

As a bread and butter color and shape, you should be able to find proxy lines from another vendor.
Yes Mark we do, but she wants these.
If that is the case, then actually taking the order, and then go over to the dark side, and go the BB and order the frame only.

Might not be profitable, but it does save the sale, if that is the goal.

Or another sneaky version is to make an open request for any emp of that BB who is a grumbler to contact you direct. Maybe they will be willing to set you up as long as the BB emp does not have to come out in the public light on The G, as they know management may be listening here, of course, that's just compared with the NSA listening here, and everywhere else too.

Thanks for the advice. I really didn't want to bring in the fact that the BB was involved but felt that people might think I was trying to "steal someone else's design."

Truth is that I e-mailed Integrated Framer images to the customer and lent samples after I had spent several hour working on this situation and she printed the IF images on her photo printer and had my samples when she went back to the BB.

This is the same BB that previously destroyed her prints while rolling them up in a prior attempt to design the pieces. When they destroyed her art they told her they would only compensate her through a framing credit if they did the work.

I had hoped that what you suggested would occur without having to come out and ask for any employee of another business to do this.
Have you ever been to this BB?

It would be a good education to go take (another) print over, and pull down that frame design, and order the frame only (to the size you want).

This way you get the frame the customer wants, and you get an education in the service, proceedures, or policies that the BB has.

Goign to another business as a customer always has unintended bennies.

You may also see from interesting marketing or promotional ideas to creativly adapt to the store where you are.
Looks like BB M wins this one.

I'm leaving for vacation and was hoping to find this before I left. Please contact FrameMakers Dave if you can help since he will be covering this store while I'm gone.

This situation really frosts my stones. BB M destroys $70 of customers art and refuses to compensate her unless they do the framing. They can not come up with a design of there own so they steal mine. Dave is too busy to track this moulding down so now he is going to buy the frames from the BB and break them apart re-cut & re-join them for quality purposes.

Here's a great new business model. Advertise that customers who bring in the competition's design and pricing and we will make it look the same for less. Don't even need corner samples hanging on the wall. Set up in an old Fotomat drive through booth.
Tell her to ask for the store manager, and if that doesn't work, as in, compensation for the damaged (ruined) art, ask for the phone number/address of the Corporate Office. If they tell you they don't have it (and they will try!) sqauwk loudly. $70 is small change for a store, and M's policy is "Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed". Damaged art is damaged art, framed there or not, it was damaged by an M's employee.

Trust me, if she starts threatening to contact Corporate, I believe the frame-shop-credit-only policy will change and fast. M's store managers hate it when Corporate has to get involved. Corporate hates it when Corporate has to get involved, especially for such a small amount (small to Corporate, not to your customer)

I know this, Jeff. I'm back now, and will continue my search.

Happy vacation!
P.S. I believe the middle scoop one is from Larson. If I go in tomorrow, I'll check for the number.