Need help framing fragments of a 46 star flag


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Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
I have a 46 star flag (silk, I believe) to frame that measures 7 x 14 inches. About of the third of the flag has been eaten away by something. Despite the fact that the flag is falling apart, my customer wants it framed. Will putting Stabilitex from Talas hold the flag intact? How would the fabric be attached to the package? Would incasing it in Mylar D/Melinex be an option? There are bits of red silk shards everywhere to deal with. Thanks for the help as I did not want to order the Stabilitex and not use it because it is a bit pricey! Are there any places to get this fabric from without ordering a whole yard? Thanks a million!

Whispering Woods Gallery
Holland PA
See the article in Picture Framing Magazine, May, 2005, page 49: "Remounting Old Needle Art".

That method of passive overlay mounting should be perfect for your old flag. Let me know if you have other Q's.
Another option is the press mount. I had a large WWI silk banner in shreds that this worked well for. I made a padded backboard, covered with a washed show fabric that matched the color of the shredded silk. I then blocked the shreds in place on the show fabric, and put overlays of nylon tulle over the very shredded areas, stitched down at the edges using a curved needle.

The general idea is described here:

Thanks Jim and Rebecca,

This helps alot. Jim is there a color of the fabric which works well for mostly everything? Since I have a US flag, I have red, blue and cream to match up. Or do you think that it is neccesary to order the sample booklet?

I wish United carried Stabilitex fabric!