Need framer in Naples FL area

Chuck T

True Grumbler
Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
Two of our best clients just retired and moved to the Naples area. The most recent frame we did for them was a S/N Serigraph framed in a Roma 25955 moulding with a Larson fillet 130113. The frame is large but not oversized. After shipping they inspected the piece and found it to be perfect so they installed it and after about 10 mins the piece fell off the wall and damaged the frame. The art and glass were not damaged but upon inspection they concluded that the wire broke (???) near the hardware. We've never had this to happen before but want to make them happy. We used heavy wire and double strong hardware. They are a wonderful clients and frequent framers so we want them taken care of. I told them I would find a reputable framer in the area to take the piece to and we would make it right. Can someone please help us? Thanks, Chuck
I know there is a Grumbler in Venice Fl, which a few towns north of Naples.
That would probably be Linda Rawson, aka, keiki.

Her website is and her email is

I haven't seen Linda on the G for some time but, if she hasn't sold her business, I'll bet she'd be happy to help your customer.

That is who I was talking about. She is from Iowa, you gotta trust her!

Gregory Frame Shop
1173 8th St S, Naples, FL 34102
(239) 262-8195

Mention Mike the drummer for The Coconuts who worked for him back in 1992-95 to the owner, Roger Gregory, and he'll remember.

I worked for Roger for three years. He's a great guy who runs a charming shop not far from the beach.

Thanks a million!!! I will be contacting both of them. Chuck T.