Need Deep Shadowbox - Framerica?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Hello. I am currently framing three games
Barrel of Monkeys, Hi Ho Cherrio and Candy Land for a customer.
All but Candy Land is going to need very deep frames.

All I can find that will work is Framerica's Boxers.
Any other possible frames?

Anyway, I can not find a place to sell them. Framerica wants me to have a store front. I actually frame out of my aunt's "vacation" home. I guess you could say I do more business than the usual "basement framer", but it is still a part time thing.
My usual supplier can not sell Framerica (something about someone else in the state does).
The one place that does sell it does not carry the white.

Would anyone out there in Grumble land :) be willing to sell me some of this moulding?
I would need thumbnailed chops or heck, this lady is rich - joined even would work.

Steven, I am not in the shop right now, so I don't have phone numbers, but Xylo has some nice unfinished frames (or they can finish them) that are very deep, plus they also have extenders.

If no one gives other info, or if you can't find them by tomorrow, I'll give you the phone number then.


PS. How much work do you think a "basement" framer does? I stay pretty busy myself, and I even know some who have computerized matcutters. So - go figure, must be a "chunk" for them as well.

PPS (or is it PSS
anyway...) I see that you're in KY. Do you belong to the PPFA? We're (KY/TN Chapter) working on having a meeting in September. You should go - good stuff, classes and info. Need more info?
From the reaction I have gotten around here locally (mainly from one frame place), basement framers are worthless.....
I do A LOT of work. I work in a school system so I always have customers and a lot of money goes in and out. I could easily see myself with a CMC in a few years, still in my "basement" :)

I will look tonight for the number :) If I cant find it I will let you know.
Thank you for the reply
Do you belong to the PPFA? Great info and support there for professional framers. (Most of them don't ask "where" as much as "how" you do your work.)

We (KY/TN chapter) are working on a meeting for September. Whether or not you're planning on going to Atlanta, this will be some good stuff as well. And - close to home! Let me know if you want more info.

Nope, I do not belong to the PPFA. I have looked before but never really understood the benefits and what effect they would.
I can not go to Atlanta (work for Fayette County Schools and can not take the time off), but I would sure like to someday :)

PS: Any good moulding suppliers that will sell to me that you know of? I talked ROMA into it and I also have Blue Ridge, but I would like at least one or two more. Larson and Juhl really turned me down :-(
Steven, (in my opinion) the PPFA will give benefits to its members in proportion to what they are willing to give to it. (the same as any association or other group.) You know, the Kennedy quote "ask not..."

Anyway, if you can't go to Atlanta, this would be the next best thing. And, you don't have to be a member to attend. I'll let you know when we get the classes and speakers worked out - looks like some "grumblers" will be speaking!

Anyway, it is on a Monday, but surely you can get one day off for your own business. You know how important (and required) those education meetings are. Why not do something for YOU and YOUR business? If, of course, you are framing as a business and not just a hobby. Nothing wrong with hobbies, of course. It's all just a matter of what importance you place on framing.

Isn't Nicholasville in the Eastern part of KY? Looks like the meeting will be near Louisville. Hope to see you there. By the way, at our meeting last summer, the rep from Omega moulding was there. He later came to see me. (The ONLY rep that is willing to drive out to the country! Needless to say, I now carry Omega moulding...)

Steven, I'm also a store frontless framer, LJ won't deal here either.I have had luck with Decor in New York And Wall in Texas. The number for Decor is 800-937-1055, and Wall is 800-880-9315. They don't have the selection that LJ has but i've had no problem dealing with them.

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Thanks for the reply!
Framerica sent me all the boxer samples today!! I had not even requested them and had only sent an email asking if they would see to me :)!!!!

Also, Omega moulding returned my email by a phone call today. I own a computer business and have dealt with dozens of companies in the past but I have NEVER been treated as nice as I was by Omega today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I mentioned in another thread about Monopoly games. We used N100-21 to frame about 45 pieces. And yes the player pieces are vertical below the glass.
I was looking at the N100, but the customer wanted the entire barrel from Barrel of Monkeys.
Also, hi ho cherries - the game itself is over 2 inches tall and can not be cut down.
40 of those little cherries....LOL