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Need DEEP frame for baseball shadowbox

Janet L

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC, USA
Have a customer w/two sons that have both hit grand slams this year
(one in high school, one on college baseball scholarship). Anyway, the dad wants the baseballs, newspaper articles, photos, etc. all shadowboxed (one for each boy) and does NOT want extenders on the back of a too shallow frame.

He wants black frames or a mohagany colored wood. I need some suggestions. A baseball is 3" deep. So, I need a tad bit more so the frame will rest flat on the wall.

Thanks for any and all help!

Personally I would use an acryllic front to extend out of a relatively shallow shadowbox moulding .... that way you can see more of the ball.

If this does not work for this customer, the nice folks at FP Woodworks have shadowbox mouldings from 3" to 23" deep. You can reach them at 800-795-6319.

Good luck.
Framerica's Boxers are out of the question? Even though they are "stackers" they still look pretty decent when they are done.

How about making your own? If you have access to a table saw and a good lumber store you can make your own.
Janet, what about Boxers from Framerica? And I think Decor has approximately the same thing. Both companies sell black but seems there's a mahogany as well.
United Mfrs has a neat ball holder,(golf , Baseball,football, etc) that holds the ball in an extension, that fits a regular frame ,then you can put the flat stuff in the same frame next to the ball.
Gudbrandsen in Chicago makes very nice hardwood shadowbox finished corner frames that I think are available up to 8" deep.
:cool: Rick
The ball mount kits from United Mfrs Supplies are the newest & best way to mount a baseball, football, golf ball, or soccer ball/volleyball, IMHO.

They are fast, easy, and very effective in showing the whole ball. Economical, too.

See the illustrations in United's latest sale supplement 42, page 3. I don't know whether they're on the web site yet.

Baseball kit, #5927
Golf ball kit, #5928
Football kit, #5929
Soccer ball kit, #5930

They each come with a flat cast-acrylic glazing, with a hole drilled to fit the bubble-type mount, which is large enough to trim and use as final glazing over your matted flat items, in any standard-depth frame.

My old way would be to cut a round nest hole in a matboard backer, and then use tulle to cover & anchor the ball in the hole. But for that you need a full-depth frame or acrylic box.
Thanks for the replies so far. Jim, I was planning to use your tulle method, as it's worked well for me in the past on golf balls. My question here is not regarding the mounting of the baseball, but looking for moulding that is at least 3 1/4"deep in black or mahogany colors. My customer does not want a stacked moulding look. He wants the sides to be smooth w/no ridges. There are alot of pictures and newspaper articles that will be mounted under matting in these shadowboxes.

Will look at the baseball mounts that United offers. Thanks again.
International Moulding has one (430-20) that is 3". Its just deep enough for a ball. You can order it from Cash Moulding in Alabama. I used it for these boxes and I think they have a really nice look. But I agree another 1/4" would be great.



Maybe do away with shadow boxing altogether, by using convex glass ?
Use any moulding your client chooses.


Use a baseball mount clip to secure the ball in the package in matter of minutes, and fully reversible . . .


Get any custom size rectangle convex glass you need, as done with this package of memorabilia . . .


Any questions, happy to help.
Originally posted by Janet L:
...My question here is not regarding the mounting of the baseball, but looking for moulding that is at least 3 1/4"deep... My customer does not want a stacked moulding look.
That's the best part about the United ball mounts. They do not require a deep moulding -- any standard moulding will work.
Them must be some sweet mounts Jim. How in the world can you mount a 3" object in a box less than 3". I'm ordering mine today!
You could just go to a local cabinet maker and have him construct and finish a box. Probably won't cost all that much.

I am not sure, but Foster Planing Mills may have a deep shadowbox moulding, unfinished. 323-759-9156.