Need blades for my Dan-Clip


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Jul 20, 2005
Hello all! I'm new to Picture Framing and just bought a vintage Dan-Clip. It came with a set of dull blades so I shipped them in to get sharpened. I heard that Morso and Dan-Clip blades are interchangable so I decided to try, bought my set of Morso blades and argh! then didn't fit. Does anyone know where I can get Dan-Clip blades?
Please please help!
Morso (Dan List)

You most likely need a set of Jayden blades

Email Morso and ask for their help….they are a good company…

Here is some information from the Lion site

Perhaps Peter at UNITED the sponsor of the Grumble see the top of the page might have them in stock in the US

Good luck
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I have a Dan-Clip chopper that I bought from Williamson (about 125 years ago when it was H.B. Williamson.)

I'm pretty sure my extra blades are Morso. I got several sets from Juhl Pacific, before it became part of Larson-Juhl. They could be Jyden, though.

I'll take a look at them this weekend when I'm in the shop.

On further reflection, I believe it's the Jyden blades that fit the Dan-Clip choppers.

Do a Google search for Jyden or Dan-Clip or maybe one of the vendors here will step up and tell you they have them.

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I have also gotten generic replacement blades form several sources including LJ, but have not been overly pleased in their quality. One set was Japanese, the other from the former Yugoslavia. Neither held the edge well, and proved difficult to sharpen. I have since stuck to Danish replacement blades (Jyden).

Tech Mark (501) 945-9393 has brand name replacement blades and provides excellent sharpening services. I got a flier in the mail about a summer promotion they are having. Might be a good time to check them out.
Thanks for your help all! Last friday I sent my Dan-Clip blades in to get sharpened at Tech-Mark. I asked them to match them against Jyden blades so see if they're the same fit. Guess what.. not the same, now i'm stumped! I emailed Morso but they're on holidays now. Hmmmm.. I'm sure i'll strike gold on here and find someone with information leading me to the blades that'll fit my machine.
dan-clip blades

I have a dan-clip chopper with 3 extra sets of blades, probably used once per year. The only marking on the blades is "Denmark". A service called Solar Saw in Chino, CA will sharpen the blades.