Need a Tag Line

KL Smith

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 18, 2005
Jordan Village, ON, Canada
I am looking at trying to increase business this Christmas season (who isn't?). One idea so far is to have a mailer with series of discounts for large format photo printing on canvas, framing services and off the wall art sales, during certain time periods to both promote the services and urge customers not to wait until the last minute.

I am looking for any tag line ideas. The only one (and it stinks) that I've come up with so far is,
Aim it, Frame it, and Claim it. Surely the great minds out there have much better ideas:)

do a thread search---there have been 3-4 this year...some of them will knock your socks off!!!
I used to use, "The gift that's put on display...not put away."

I had real good success with it. Sold a lot of gift certificates with it too. GCs are great because you don't have to do the work during your busy holiday season. Most are redeemed in January and February.

Paul Cascio
The American Picture Framing Academy
Christmas before last, I wrapped some large boxes as gifts and put a word on each to read, "Give a gift to last a lifetime . . . custom framing!" I don't know how much it boosted sales, but it did receive a lot of positive comments. Actually, I think I got it from someone on The G.
Don't think it will help you, but I used one last year that got a lot of possitive comments. It ran the week of and week after Thankgiving.

"GOBBLE. GOBBLE. and HO. HO. HO, Frames With All The Fixins For The Holidays"
Originally posted by BILL WARD:
do a thread search---there have been 3-4 this year...some of them will knock your socks off!!!

Can you give me a hint on what to search under please? I did searched on Advertising, promotions, and a few otherwise similar terms but couldn't find what you are referring to.

I have done this in the past and I am running it again this year. One of my suppliers has done something similar (DonMar) and I liked the idea. I run "The 12 weeks of Christmas". Mine starts the week of October 1 (although I may start a week late and use the last week to mark down all Christmas items). Each week I run a different promotion. At the beginning I run a sale on framing to encourage early orders. Other promotions might be a sale to upgrade to Museum Glass. This works well for me with the gift end...I can run a sale on jewelry, pottery, boxed Christmas cards, something different every week for 12 weeks. I might do some kind of give-away one week (an inexpensive ornament with every framing order). I try to plan the entire 12 weeks ahead of time, but I stay flexible so if something is not moving as well as I'd like I run a 10-20% sale on it. I am trying to intersperse it this year with feature artists and demonstrations so I don't need to necessarily have a mark-down every week. Keep the customers on their toes!
just did search on "tag line'--got 4 pages