Need a book for training


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 30, 2005
Fremont, California
I have an employee thats been at my shop now for 6 months(with no prior framing experience). She is interested in reading a book that would provide her with some good framing basics knowledge. I am training here every day that I work with her and she picks things up well. I told here that in addition to my training it would be a good idea for her to read up on framing techniques. I personaly have only read more advanced books on framing, so I don't realy have any knowldge of first year training books. Anyone want to suggest their favorites?
Check out the posting about the ebay listing for the secrets of framing. How could you go wrong with that!!??

Otherwise, go to the PPFA site and buy the books there.
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We had a brief Grumble conversation several months ago (when you were still "briank"
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This is the link to the PPFA study guide for the CPF exam the list of book cover most of what you would need for training…….and most of them are very easy to follow….

Your local PPFA Chapter may have a set that you could borrow from

The guide is also a good template to use to set up a training program….you could set up a study/training program which follows the guide….

BTW I think you are to be commended by taking a proactive approach to your new employee ….give yourself a big pat on the back…..

FACT is another great place to get good training information

And the archives at Picture Framing Magazine is another good spot….

Good luck