Need a Bandaid for the Cassese


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Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
My Cassese 810 had a malfunction today. When I went to change the clip of v-nails I noticed the "thingy" that you pull back is loose, there is no "spring" to it. I use the word "thingy" because I don't know what it is called. My manual doesn't list parts. It is the part that sits behind the clip of v-nails and pushes it along as the clip empties out. I guess I assumed it was spring loaded, although I don't see a busted spring.

I called Active Sales this afternoon and haven't heard back. I'm bordering on impatient because it is after all, <strike>12</strike> 11 days before Christmas.

Does anybody have any ideas for a temporary fix until I can get the new part? My mind is ruminating that I need something not unlike the spring loaded contraption that pushes staples along in a stapler but in my holiday rush daze I am not coming up with anything. Maybe somebody out there in Grumble Land has needed a similar fix?

I can manage to get the v-nails to shoot by applying pressure to the "thingy" but it is difficult because I need one hand to push the button and I usually want the other hand to hold down the plexi pad. And Lordy, is it slowing me down.......

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I think you are referring to the wedge return spring?

You can download a manual and parts diagram for your CS810 underpinner from this link:

Cassese CS810 Manual

It looks like the part number is 776...

As for a short term quick fix, you could try a thick rubber band maybe?

For your reference, that particular model of underpinner is old and becoming outdated, and I would recommend upgrading it sometime in the future, as it may become harder to source parts and service for it down the track?

Jared Davis
let me know how you make out tracking down the part--John Mitsdorf (sp) at Larson in Minneapolis usually fixes me up with parts for my 810, but I haven't need much for this old workhorse.

Now, you said you need one hand for the button and one hand for the pad. Short term, to get you past the holidays, can you use one of your feet? You're a pretty balanced person (????) so you only need one foot to stand!
Kathy, just call the LJ Tech department and you can have a spring overnighted if you want.
You need one foot for the Foot pedal, one hand for the button, and one hand for holding the frame in place... You might need to hire another person to push the "Thingy" forward, or help you keep your balance while you use your other foot to push the "Thingy".

Call John Mitsdorf at Larson. He has been a great help to me in the past with MY CS810.

Good luck.
Starting to look like a game of Twister!

Right foot, blue pedal
Right hand, red button
Right hip, Springy thingy

(* Now would be the point when the customer walks in the door, looks at you and walks out! *)
Hi Jared,
Thanks for supplying the part number. I downloaded the manual when I got this thing but I guess I didn't see they had a seperate parts list. I printed it off and will use it in the future.

I know this underpinner is old, the number 810 indicates it was designed in 81, so it is possibly 23 years old. :eek: But, I did some research before buying it used two years ago. I learned that the 810 model is far better built than some subsequent models. I also was told that there is very little that will break on it that can't be readily fixed. The driver being the primary thing that can break. So far, no problems whatsoever. I got a great price on it and hopefully it will last for years. I better be prepared to fix things on it as they wear out though.

I also had no idea that LJ carried Cassese parts, thanks Bill, I do know Phil.

I'm not having as much luck pushing on this thing to get it to work as I thought I was. It is exactly like trying to play Twister!

Thanks for the help everybody!
Easy deal, after intense discussions and faxed diagrams when they realized they were dealing with a mechanically challenged person we finally came to the conclusion that my <strike>thingy</strike> ribbon spring had simply come loose from the allen screw. So, I reconnected it and am now underpinning to my hearts content.

I did however break the knob pully thingy that you pull on to pull back the contraption thingy that holds the v-nails.........
We had to replace the knob pully thing's wire... we used picture wire. :D Not much else has needed fixing. (Had an air leak once... but LJ helped me to fix that.)
Good idea Sue, although it is easy enough to use without the knob pully thingy. Thanks for understanding my terminology.......
I think that "knob pully thingy" is a offical picture framers term. And I do believe that that term is used as part of question in the PPFA CPF exam.
Man, this is like listening to a bunch of engineers talk shop.

It's giving me a headache.
Sorry Walt, I didn't mean to talk over your head, I'll keep it simple in the future.

Bill, thanks for the tip, now I will at least be assured of getting one right on the CPF test!

How is it possible that both my most favorite Grumblers turned up in the same thread.......