Need 11' long or longer moulding HELP!


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 30, 2005
Fremont, California
Framing a vintage poster that is 10 feet long exactly. That means that I need at the very minimum 10' 7" long moulding legnths. I have called many companies so far with little to no success. If you happen to know of a company that magicaly has 11 foot legnths of moulding let me know. Would prefer it to be min. 3" wide in a ornate gold moulding....but I'm not going to be to picky here...unless I can be, then I will be.

I do know there are various ways of splicing or and adding compo to hide the seems but I am trying the easier methode to start. I also know that there are companies that will custom make me moulding to order...for a price.
Check with the vendors in Long Island City. APF/
Munn does sometimes send out some profiles in
sticks longer than 10' and they may be able
to tell you if they have any patterns in sticks
that long.

Not what you asked Santa for, but I do have 2" walnut stained mldg in 12' lengths. Come to think of it though, probably Lowe's, Menards or Home Depot does too...

Does anyone make their own and apply finishes in the good ol' USA?

Dave Makielski
there is a company called Foster(s) in California that mills raw wood. Possibly if they have a pattern that you like they can mill a longer stick or 2 for you. You can then paint, stain and or gild the wood to your clients wishes

there is also a finished corner frame company in the LA area
I already have a call into David Munn at APF/Munn but he hasn't called me back yet...we used to be such friends.

I know foster very well but unlike my old shop I don't realy have the resources here to do a quality hand finish in store. Not to mention I didn't want to charge my clien tover $50 a foot if I didn't have to. I am hoping for a prefinished moulding if I can get it.

I appreciate the thought but gold is definitely in line for this art
try Nelson moulding
Brian, please keep us informed of the outcome.

Other than some random length hard woods, I have not seen a prefinished moulding over 10'.

Call Max Munn at Munn Frameworks. He sells Munn Chops - You can probably get the moulding from him without the 50 foot length and limited choices available from the factory.


Tell him that Pat Murphey told you to call. :D
I've got a pretty good relationship with APF and Munn from working with them over the years. I know that they will get me whatever I want. It's just going to be how much they are going to charge me.

And just an FYI for all you framers out there. I have come to realise from my conversations with my reps and wharehouse employees that most mouldings these days are not actualy 10 feet long. Usualy they are 9.8 feet long (I think thats 3 meters). So if you need a 10 footer and think you are going to get it. Make sure they have it.
Ran into this problem years back. I don't know how heavy the item your dealing with is but my problem was a canvas. (light in wieght)
What I did was run the bottom of the moulding through a dado blade on a table saw and cut out a one and half inch deep by one inch wide trench in the moulding. The trench I made went about two feet on each side of the cut and replaced the trench with an oak splint. The seam was almost non-visable. I don't know how comfortable with a table saw you are but this will work. As long as the splint is a harder wood than the frame, the moulding will not loose it's strength. If you do this right, you can end up with at least a 17 foot moulding. Just make sure the seams match up on both sides.
Just an update...

David Munn at Apf has offered to custom make 12 foot legnths of 2 different mouldings for me. They aren't exactly what I was looking for but they are the only company that has stepped up to the plate for me. $16 and $22 per foot respectively for either GML or painted finish (or both). Both mouldings over 3" wide.
Not for your application, but we have received the Larson-Juhl hardwood mouldings; Heywood and Eastlake lines in 11' and 12' length. For these contact the warehouse for availability.
thanks for the update Brian.........I just got off the phone with David about a project of my own.

Now to wait and see if the clients wife agrees.