Neat trophy plate sports frame thingy

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Ok I'm not trying to toot my horn about some top-o-the-line framing. But I think this is really neat idea. Its the plates off the front of trophies. I think I'll do a store display like this. I hate it when customers give me ideas. It's supposed to be the other way around!

I'll bet there are tons of parents thinking "what am I going to do with with all these silly trophies?"

I have an idea for them now.

Kind of a neat idea... and are they "recycling" the trophies?

BTW, it looks like the one on the left is crooked.... :D
They are laying flat on a table looking up on my camera. Not on the wall. Unless you're talking about one of the plates and if thats the case, I don't wanna talk about it.
Jay, I think the idea is a good one. Do the plates have a name on them? Maybe a photo should be incorporated into the design. If there is no name on the plates, a photo of the recipient (maybe with a trophy) would help viewers make better sense of the piece.

I have never been fond of things mounted on top of mat board without adding depth of some kind to it. A couple of things that might improve the look of the plates 1) use mat fallout 1/4" or so larger than each plate and mount the plate on top, then mount that on top of the matboard 2) use a matching fabric covered liner around the perimeter of the piece.
I did one of those last year for a customer.
It was a baseball theme. Cut a baseball diamond shaped mat and place a couple of plaques on the diamond and around it.

It was a fun idea and the customer loved the result!
Whoa whoa whoa.....easy now Pamela. I'm so rarely hired for my design ability but rather I'm the most capable monkey available at the time. At $100 each she about stroked out.

It's two brothers and their names are on many of the plates.

I suggested pictures rather than the cut art for the reasons you mentioned - depth and interest. She balked. I did sell her on the suede. I was happy with that.

Like you I think about what could have been but I’m not paying for it either. Win some lose some!

Carry on.
Yeah, but if you are going to make one for DISPLAY you want it to look smashing! Keep a photo of that one handy as a less costly alternative.