NE PPFA Meeting tonight - Jay Goltz

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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This should be a fairly busy meeting with the framing competition, about a dozen vendors will have booths, and Jay Goltz as the guest speaker.

We're registered, but I lost the flyer with the address and the time the buffet and general meeting start. Can anyone give me the address, so i can pop it into the nav system?

Who's coming?

See you tonight!

Mike, I don't know the address, but it is the Holiday Inn at Exit 9 off I495 in Taunton.

I believe the evening starts at 6:00, but it could be 6:30.

I am going to the workshop which starts at 1:00, so I'll be there! See you!
See you there Cliff. We'll close a bit early and head up there for 6:15, so we can get good seats.

I was able to look up the hotel's address, and already plugged it into the computer for the drive up tonight. It looks like its only 1/2 mile from exit 9.


I'll be there after work. I'm about 100 miles away, so I may miss the buffet I paid for. This wasn't a problem when I was the boss.

Doors open at 6:00-meet. starts at 7:15.

I hope Andy did a piece for the competition-I was told there were five entries at most.
Nope, Pam, sorry. I had planned on making a copy of piece I did for a customer over the holidays, but then we received the newsletter with the competition requirements, and that blew any plans I had out of the water. I will be entering the next print competition, however, and maybe getting a head start on next years OPEN competition. Does anyone know if THAT one will be themed as well???
It was a GREAT meeting and it was great to hear Jay's presentation, and meet so many new people.

Congratulations Pamela for winning both FIRST PLACE and PEOPLES CHOICE award ribbons!