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Jun 25, 2002
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Passed along from David Connor:

Nona Powers to Speak at NEPPFA Portsmouth Meeting Monday, Oct. 18th - RedHook Ale Brewery NH

Now what is up on the 18th - just a week and a half away - at our favorite NEPPFA meeting place - the Redhook Ale Brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The day time activities have to be limited to the recertification program for all the C P F's in our area whose certification will expire in 2004. Thus far, 8 of the 15 CPF's whose certification will expire - will be spending the day with Nona Powers earning their recertification. A great opportunity to learn the latest techniques and standards in our industry from one of the best. If there are any of you who are grandfathered and are NOT required to take a recert every 4 years - why not improve your knowledge of our framing industry and take this recert anyway while it is offered so close to home. Just call Cathy Filter at PPFA national at 1-800-762-9287.

Also during the day will be the judging of our chapter's framing contest - the winners going on to the national competition next year. This years standard piece - entitled Peepers I & II - yes a two piece challenge - has drawn almost a dozen entrants from our chapter - the highest number since 1998. All of the pieces will be available for all to see prior to our evening meeting.

Our corporate sponsors will have their "wares" for all to purouse(sp) when the evening activities start at 6pm. And of course, the brewery will have the tap handle open in our meeting room with their great " brew " and the chapter will provide the snacks to nibble on.

Nona Powers will be the speaker at our evening meeting and present " STACKING ELEMENTS " - How to present to your customers the design, layering, and proportions that will "wow" them about stacking elements. Nona will show examples of successful stacked elements which will become door prizes at the end of the program.

So plan to show up at the Red Hook Ale Brewery (call 603-430-8600 for directions if you haven't been there before) on Monday - the 18th of October - for our fall meeting. Doors open at 6 pm upstairs - or show up around 5 for a light dinner in the pub - many of us taking the recert will be hungry and thirsty by 5 pm. The Texas Lottery prize is up to $150 - you could be the winner, but you have to be there to be eligible to win.

Finally, wait until you hear where our January meeting is being held - it is back to the state of Connecticut - as we rotate our meeings to different parts of our New England region - BUT NOT to a usual hotel meeting room or a brewery. When - Where - How to be announced at this meeting on October 18th. See you in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Hope to see some new faces.
Should be a fun meeting. Don't forget to vote for my competition piece for popular choice. It will be the one you like the best.
Unless of course you are depraved enough to like Andy's or Pam's!

Seriously, it would be fun to see some new faces as Mike says! Come on in!
See you there tonight!

PS: What kind of RAM does your Wizard need and do you have open slots? I may have some extra chips you can have...

Unfortunately, I don't know. The machine came with the Wizard. The only name/model on it is Wizard's. I haven't had a chance to open it up yet. I'll try to do that before I leave, but it's doubtful. I am fairly certain there is open slots. No machine built recently only takes 128.

See you tonight. Good Luck to Andy with the competition!
Ok Mike, I pulled the SIMM that's in there. It's a 128k. There is another slot. It's been too long since I mucked with these things! Couldn't tell you what "kind" it is. four chips on a 128k board. Kingston 2.5V ValueRam Model #KVR266X64C25/128

Does that tell you anything?

I used to be able to tell from the label on the chips, but I guess I'm gettign old and the technology has passed me by!
I'll bring you another Kingston 128 module to match the one you have, so itll bump you up to 256 at least. I have some spares from previous upgrades and don't need em.

This should make a big difference with your 5.1 Wizard performance.

Remind me - it's in my laptop case.

I'm bummed... I can't go. I'm sick. :(

And it's only 25 minutes from here... figures I'd be sick now.

Have a Red Hook for me!
Of course the person who won wasn't there
so its up to $200 next time..

Great seeing everyone last night!


PS: I had an Octoberfest brew in your honor