National Sales Tax?

Google it.

Proposals range from 15% to 25% added tax to all items sold.

Don't know how that would balance out since 10-23% of our incomes would be in our pockets...

But imagine the jobless rate when all those IRS workers, tax lawyers and CPAs go out of business! If a bill is a good idea the lobbiest can usually kill or gut it!
Unfair. But it would capture some taxes from the little drug pushers as they buy their $382 sneakers, and $27,000 Sions.

But will it capture tax on a $58,000 truck with weight over 6,000 pounds? No because they are tax exempt for "business" purposes.

Historically, (same as marriage arguement) the richest 10% have payed over 80% of the tax base.
Now the newer greedier wanna be rich, are afraid that they won't be taxed into poverty. Or their children might not get their inheritance....

That is why Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Sr and Jr, Paul Allen, Ted Kennedy, the DuPonts, Fords and their kind are strongly AGAINST a sales tax, AND the repeal of the "death" tax.

The Estate (death) Tax incouraged close to 65 Billion ( $65,000,000,000 ) in charitable donations in 2003; and will be an estimated $100B in 2004. This mostly went to Cancer & desease research, Universities and colleges, scholarships and other things that the government doesn't support or have to support. If that goes away, it will double the tax burden on everyone. Like England or even Isreal with 62% income tax.
The psychology of all this concerns me. For a long time initially, at least, it seems that people will consider the things they purchase (like framing) to be very "expensive" with the added national sales tax, while conveniently "forgetting" that they now retain the extra money that used to be devoted to income taxes. It's like a larger version of the resentment of the amount that state sales tax adds to our quotes currently.

:mad: Rick