CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 18, 2005
I just placed an order for 19 nameplates I'll be using for my mini helmet shadow boxes. They're plastic and will come in three different colors, gold over black, silver over black and black over gold. Of course, the underlying color will provide the color for the lettering.

Anyway, it's only costing me $3 per plate with a three business days turnaround. Is that great or what?

I did google searches for days and I was happy to find such a good deal close to home. I'm using Crown Trophy in Gaithersburg, MD.

Most places I contacted were asking $10 per plate with a 7 to 10 business days turnaround. So if you ever have a job that requires a lot of engraving at a great price, you might want to check out Crown Trophy at

Thanks Don
$10 would be a retail price here for that item.

Make sure you are asking for their wholesale price since you are incorporating it into your product and also tax exempt

I pay about $4.50 for a 4" brass or silver engraved plate - that's local shopping

You're welcome!


Thanks for the tip. The plates I'm getting are 3/4" x 3". I'll give them a copy of my resale certificate and inquire about wholesale pricing when I pick up the order.

Not trying to hijack the post, but I know a little bit about plaque making.
Would there be an interest from fellow grumblers if there was a mail order / internet business where you could order plaques and they would show up a few days later at your place?
Basically a online place catering to framers?

Sounds like a good idea.


Thanks for the link. I sent an email to Sign Design and hope to get set up to check out the wholesale price list.

THanks for the link!! Just what I was looking for
They (SignDesign) are good folks. With all my "in and out" these days, I contacted them from my laptop but couldn't fax cc info to them for a few days. They sent what I needed before I got any credit info or cc info to them.

I was in a bind, and they were great!
I also use Sign Design--no complaints whatsoever. I can get "cheap" plates locally, but when you compare the quality of Sign Design to them, it is obvious why I pay a little more. I get the plates back as quick (or quicker) than the local supplier. Also, they are great at suggesting the best setup when in doubt.

I have a feeling that you do have a fax capable laptop without you knowing it. Click START>ALL PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>COMMUNICATIONS and there you may find a FAX program that is very friendly and quite ready to go. All you need is to be connected to a regular phone line and then you can write, fax and save directly from/into your computer. Fax is a benign feature with any decent (not ancient) laptop.


Have you already opened your frame business?

No, I have been looking for a location for the past month and a half. It's been a lot more difficult than I expected.

For spaces in nice locations property management companies want a detailed business plan for businesses that don't already have a retail location. At least, that's what I've been finding.

I'm a bit down in the dumps right now because I feel like I've missed out on holiday sales opportunities spending so much time looking for space. But I'll just have to think positively about really having things in place for the coming year.

Anyway, I'll be looking at some space tomorrow. And I hope I can negotiate a good deal. It's not prime location, but it's not a dump either. I'll keep you posted on the developments.