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Jun 25, 2002
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New antivirus signatures were released today to address this newest variant, which is spreading like wildfire. I personally received it 8 times today, most of them were from HH members.

If you receive a file attachment with a .com file(supposedly from someone you know), don't open it until you've updated your antivirus software

I got an email from my sister last night. She said her Norton Anti-virus was telling her that her subscription had expired and it was time to renew.

She wondered if she had to do that or if it was just a sales pitch.

Geez, no wonder people get viruses (viri?)

I told her not to send me any more emails until she updated.
She should be fine. It usually starts nagging 4 weeks before it actually expires.

And my sister usually waits 4 weeks before she starts asking questions.

I'll have her email you, Mike, if she has any questions. :D

She's a Mac user who had to switch to a PC at the office so she finally bought a PC to use at home.

I think continuous Mac use makes you weak and ill-equipped to deal with the trials and tribulations of the real world.

Kind of like living in a moderate climate.
Be careful, you'll rile up the MAC users

They're a very PROUD group.

You should be okay, Judy. I think you use a PC at least part of the time, so you're not COMPLETELY spoiled.
In case anyone doesn't know ;If you get any HH messages with an attachments just delet it. From what I remember Merrill installed a firewall that prevents attachments. So if you get a message ,supposedly from hh,with an attachment it's probaly got a virus.Just delet it anyway.
I received about 8 beagle and mydoom.m's allegedly from HH members in the past 24 hours. They weren't from the people in the FROM field (I emailed them to make sure), but they were definately from HH members. I know this because I use a special email address there only, and thats the one im receiving the infections on. This is one drawback to the distribution system used for that forum.

Imagine infecting all of your clients and the financial liability that could mean? In this day and age, I don't understand why close to a third of all computers are not protected. :(

I've been receiving a bunch of emails that appear to be from one customer. They in turn are receiving a bunch of emails that appear to be from me. Assuming neither of us are infected (we both have up-to-date virus signatures) is this one of the new attack methods? Or does it seem more likely that one or both of us are infected?
This means someone you communicate with commonly is infected, and the virus is taking that third party's CONTACT LIST and randonly shuffling around the contents in the TO and FROM fields of infected outgoing messages.

Often you can determine the source from the "headers" inside the message. In my case, I've determined that the infected HH person is "apparently" in the Marietta, GA area. Some new infections are smarter and hide this info.

If you need some sleuthing help, email me the headers or the infected message - and i'll take a look.

They keep sending em out every few hours, from the Marietta or Atlanta, GA local area.

The ISP is CBEYOND.NET and they do both voice and data for business customers.
I think continuous Mac use makes you weak and ill-equipped to deal with the trials and tribulations of the real world.
Yeah, but we're generally smarter and better looking than the rest of you guys!
Yeah like Bill said. :D

WE do have 3 Dells but never download anything other than Lifesaver, Dell and Nortons updates. We use the Mac for email, pagemaker , design, ect.
I have never had a virus on the G4 Mac. Knock on wood.

Hey maybe you guys need to get a good old reliable Mac just for your email.

Then you too can be smarter and better lookin! :cool:
yikes the virus has harvested MY email address from someone's contact list and is sending out some of them from (

Since this isn't a real address, you will NEVER get a file attachment from me. If you get one, don't open it because it's a virus with a forged header.

I received a call today from a grumbler who received the beagle virus with my name in the from field, and it wasn't from me.

As a former beagle-owner (on purpose) I'm trying to imagine what the beagle virus would do.

Howl at the moon, pee on the carpet, dig under the fence and chase deer until you get in the car and intercept it in the next county? (The beagle, not the deer.) Show up at your high school during final exams or in the middle of a football game (running around the track like a stubby greyhound?)

Maybe it lays on top of its dog house and waits for the round-headed kid to bring supper.

Sorry. Wrong forum.