My Top Ten New Favorite Framing Things In No Particular Order

Framing Goddess

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
10.) Frameready POS.
I can't imagine pricing and organizing orders without this program. Or any comparable.

9.) Solid core rag mats.
So yummy and delicious I could eat 'em with a spoon.

8.) Museum glass on needlework.
Something no serious needleworker should be without.

7.) Beveled mirrors.
Any shape, any size, they will brighten even the gloomiest corner, hallway or stairwell.

6.) Kid's art.
My 6 year old niece is my New Favorite Artist. I have her so well trained, that she will even decorate mats for her pieces for me! Kittycat and scribble mats rule!

5.) Silver and gold together.
I just stacked a big honkin' gold -standard issue- frame on a chunky silver ball frame and it looked like a million dollars.

4.) Ultra deep bevels.
This is my name for Bevel Accents, except, like FramerDave, I cover them with nifty papers- marbles, natural textures, funky patterns. I also love them covered with fabric. They keep a framed and matted piece from having that "steamrollered effect," as one of my customers said.

3.) Breaking design rules.
I think it is a worthwhile exercise to do something 'against the rules,' yet get it to work. Like, a skinny mat (narrower than the frame,) a dark mat on a pale piece, an ornate frame on a spare piece, etc.

2.) Shallow rabbetted frames for deep pieces.
That is, using the frame we like even though it isn't deep enough. There are some lovely ways to get this to work: using an acrylic box with flanges, so that the frame we so desire sits at the back of the presentation. Neat! Or, better yet, using a second frame cut on its side so that it extends the depth of first frame. I like using something a bit decorative and fanciful, so that the side looks deliberate. (I don't like that tacked on look and if the customer has to pay for a second frame, they might as well have fun with it...)

1.) Fabric wrapped liners.
Ah yes, I love fabric-wrapped mats as well, but the sculptural look of a wrapped liner is divine. I especially like prevailing on cross-stitchers to bring me extra linen to wrap their liners- the same linen on which their piece is stitched, doncha know. Looks elegant beyond words especially on old sampler patterns.

edie the tryingtojazzupmymonday goddess
Good stuff, Edie. You've given me some great ideas!

Hi Edie, you have awesome ideas. You should be teaching some classes.
There are design rules??
Dang nobody told me that!!

My fav deep beval design is to use those gloriouse suades!! it just peals right off!!

gotta love those chunky solid rags, mmmmmmm.....!
just started messin' around with laminating an alpha board to a rag board with a slightly different color to create a "core" that has a subtly "graduated" look. hope that made sense?
Great stuff, Edie.

I love stacking LJ's Pewter and Iron Ferrosa mldgs. for a modern, yet timeless different look. They go on almost anything and whenever I'm stuck on what mldg to use, I'll pull them out and the customers seem to love them. I'm stocking them in length now.

Don't mean to plug one distributor, but these mldgs are really nice to work with.

Dave Makielski