My new Chronomat 60" Mat Cutter

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Just came home to find my new 60" Chronomat sitting on the porch. It's a beauty to look at Brushed Crome, Fire Engine Red & Gold trim. I'll report back on how well she works.

Sure glad someone didn't walk off with it ($1289.inscluding S&H for those that might wonder about price) Just wondering who would be responsible for theft? Shipper, UPS, or the customer.

Will be signing lease on a retail space shortly. Pleas see my other post regarding layout for a 20' x 60' store. Thanks Guys
I got mine about 3 weeks ago and just love it!! I had a c&h before that... no comparison!! Just curious on the price... Did you get your cutter at a show cuz mine was the same price for 48" cutter?
I bought one last week at Decor Expo to replace my 40" Logan 650 and am looking out for the UPS guy each day now for it.

I was undecided between the chronomat and waiting for the new Fletcher 2200. I was also buying a chop saw system to go along with my Morso so I talked to the guy at the Phraera both a couple of times over the 3 days I was there (too many classes). I bought the Phaedra Quadrant system from them (show price $599 with shipping) but hadn't decided on the Chronomat (show price $1299 with shipping). I intended to just buy the Quadrant and decide later in the day which mat cutter I wanted. When I told him that, he helped me make up my mind by dropping the price on the 60" system to $999 including shipping.

Phaedra with all the options - $999. Fletcher 2200 with all the options - about $1600. I bought the Phaedra. I did as much homework as possible before going to the show and read every thread I could find on both beforehand. I knew that the Fletcher is the industry standard but every thread I read here on the Phaedra gave it high praises. After looking at both, I think they they are both excellent cutters but the $600 difference in price made it too hard to choose the Fletcher.
Joni: I did not attend the show, but supposedly they were giving me the show price. Reg. price 1499.00 Show price $1199. + 90.00 S&H oversize.

Is is a great machine, especially like the magnetic stop. Makes cutting a perfect mat a breeze, especially as the eyes of some of us are not what they used to be!

Gotta say though, I like Larry's extra show discount of $999.00 a whole lot better. I think maybe I'll talk to my salesman, and see what he can do for me.

Still can't complain, I think this is a lot better machine, with no learning curve as opposed to the C&H and Fletcher 2100 that I used at framing school. Just like their add says you can be cutting perfect mats right out of the box.
Yea I really like Larry's price... I went through american engineering in Mpls (no rep in my area but that is another topic)I got the 60" first but it was just too big for the work space so exchanged for the 48" and was told price was the same because I got the show special on the 60" but I think it is worth what I paid so I won't whine about any more!!
Paul-By the way my shop is 24x50 on the main floor plus basement area for office, bathroom and 600 sq ft of storage too. My showroom is 24x31Actual work shop is 12x20 with the design room next to it at 12x20 Works for me!