My introduction........


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2005
Manitoba, Canada
AFter reading the topic on vague newbies, I thought that seeing as I didnt' actually do this when I officially joined a month or two ago - I should go ahead and do it now! If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to delete it or move it - I wasn't sure where to put it so I just picked the grumble.

My name is Sandra - but my framing partners call me Handy so that's my member name. I'm just "Handy" to have around I guess. ;)

I am not a man. (as in Handy Andy, Baer) I am married to a firefighter/paramedic and I have 2 young sons (7 & 12). We also recently adopted a rescue dog - she's a sheppard cross - small for her size. She was abused by a man from what we can tell by her behavior and it took a while for Terry to get her to trust him - but now they are best friends and she's a wonderful dog! (although I wasn't thinking that at 6 a.m today when I got out of bed in the dark and stepped into a puddle of puke!!)

I live in the Canadian Prairies. I hadn't always dreamed of owning a frame shop or anything - but when we moved here for hubby's job I went to work for a photography studio/ frame shop. My job was retouching photos (before the age of computerized re-touch) and then I moved on to the dark room. (also before digital......)

Eventually, I got sick of my boss' terrible treatment of his employees, and managed to tell him off with enough gusto to get fired!!!
I, with 2 co-workers hatched a plan to open our own frame shop. We've been open for 10 years this summer. The three of us are still operating together which has many good features, and some not so good ones, but For the most part it's good though - so we are still plugging along.

We usually have a great time at work - we laugh a lot and have a lot of fun through out the day, and most days I feel very fortunate. I have been accused of having a very strange sense of humor - and I'll admit that it's true sometimes!

Our shop is located on a street with 2 other frame shops on the same block. Some people think we are crazy for doing that - but we think it's good to keep your eye on your competition! LOL!!

My "moonlighting" job is cross stitch designing. I've always tinkered in the arts - although not as much as I would have liked to. Maybe some day some of you will get to frame some of my work and wouldn't that be cool!?? (although you probably wouldn't know that it was mine.... but it's still cool!)

Hmmmm.... guess that's about all there is to say about me. I don't want to bore you TOO much!

So far I'm really enjoying it here at the Grumble. I've learned some, laughed a lot and I think that I'm on the way to making some great new friends.

THanks for allowing me to join you!
Hi, Handy Sandy!

Welcome here, even though we are equal-ish in dates, you've got me beat at posts! I'm just not online all that often or my score would be more competitive.

Have fun here, as usual!

Bren even though I officially registered last June - it's only the last month or two that I've actually started coming here on a regular basis. Guess I've been a bit yappy, haven't I??

Sorry John - guess I could have added this to your post but I missed it somehow (I'm not all that observant!!!)