My fun with acrylic glazing today


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
I was cutting a 17 x 15-1/2 piece this morning. Enjoy...
1st try. Found a tiny black spec in the material during inspection.
2nd try. Another speck.
3rd try. Got another sheet to cut piece from. First sheet must have been defective. During inspection, I find a small scratch on the art side. I'm very careful with handling. Can't believe I did it.
4th try. Cut to wrong size. (I must be pretty flustered by now)
5th try: Golden!
That sounds like the problems with the simple double mat I cut today. First I cut the outer mat to 2 7/8. Then I attached and cut the inner mat to 2 7/8! Oops!

Decided to "fix" the problem but attaching linen tape to inner mat and then recut it to 3".

Turned out lousy (thickness of tape threw off cutter).

So I pried off the inner mat, attached a new piece of matboard and recut it. Fine this time.

Except for the eensy piece of wood embedded in the outer bright white mat that I only noticed once the fitting was complete.

Took frame apart (metal - thankfully!).

Dug out wood chip.

Used artist sandpaper/pastel paper (really fine white sandpaper) to "resurface" the mat.


Can anybody say "Nightmare on Framestreet"??? LOL! Freddy was busy today!
Well, we all got into this to learn patience, and a zen-like calm, didn't we? :rolleyes:

I have told many new framers, as part of their training: Picture framing gives you many opportunities to drive yourself crazy and to look like an idiot.
Anything that doesn't damage the customer's piece or the shop is not a "mistake", it's a variation in procedure.
Originally posted by Framar:

Can anybody say "Nightmare on Framestreet"??? LOL! Freddy was busy today! [/QB]
I miss that article in PF Mag. I wish they would bring it back......

Maybe the folks at PF Monthly could add a similar feature......
Why can't we have a "nightmare on frame street" thread on the grumble? I really miss it too! I'll bet Freddy has been in all our shops! ;) :rolleyes: :D Who wants to start?
I love hearing everyone's stories. It's very cool to know that I'm not the only to make those "DOH!" mistakes. Now i'm looking forward to making a bunch of mistakes so I can tell a fun story.