My first time...


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 18, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
...mounting 4 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper sheets.

These were sent to a lady who will be 100 years old September 16th. Each was sent by a government offical in honor of her long life and sevice to the community.

There isn't a lot of room around the edges and I'm just plain confused on the right mounting practice
Hinging, don't think so, the paper is too light weight, I think.

Acid-free tape around parts of the edges

Corner (photo) mounts. Would the hold up over time

Perm. not a chance.

Maybe mylar... :confused: possiblity. Pinching (Cliff Wilson)

Would you use foam core for the backing or mat?

Light weight Japanese paper T hinges - you shouldn't have to have them extend as much as 1/8" below the top with paper that light. the top edge of the mat should cover any visibility of the hinges through the paper. I would use Artcare foam or if you need a different color because of translucency use a rag board.

I would use mylar corners and strips mounted on rag board...I am assuming you are matting these

The best other option would be encapsulation in mylar, but that requires more time and may not look as good with the extra glare
cliff you mentioned mylar corners (corner photo mounts) and questioned if they will hold up? i was wondering if you reinforce the corners with linen tape? the adhesive on the cornes can give way, having the linen tape there for a back up is a good idea.
Hey guys! It's only typing paper. It must hang because support from the bottom as in corners won't prevent a possible collapse.

Pat :D :D
How long do they have to last?....she's 100 years old! 20 years from now I doubt anybody will care if you've spray mounted them.

Actually this would be a perfect chance to try that archival heat mount foam core board from Bainbridge. That way you could straight fit them, mat right to the edge or back bevel the edges and put them together as a float mount.
Great call Frank, that, in my opinion, is THE way to handle these letters. Even if they did turn into some historically important documents, the mounting can be reversed.

It sounds like they originated from political figures, I honestly don't see how they could ever actually have any value to anyone, other than the recipient, but who knows?