My first plastic box frame


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
This is my first attempt at a plastic box frame. There is nothing in it. I just wanted to see if I’m doing it correctly since there is not much info out there to go by. If you are familiar or build them, I’d be interested in your input as to what is right and what is wrong.

Some data:
Size 12x16, about 4 inch deep. 1/16” gap around outside of strainer for fabric wrap or mat board to cover strainer.
Strainer is 1-1/2 x ¾” poplar
Cover is 1/8” clear acrylic, solvent welded seams. Edges and corners rounded slightly to remove sharpness.
I used brass screws, countersunk.
Materials cost: 7$, build time 2 hours.

I took it to a framer and got his feedback. He said the strainer should be turned up on its side (taller than wide in profile)??? He wasn’t fond of the brass screws and that I should countersink them deeper. They do stick up a bit. He thought I should be using heavier acrylic. Heavier acrylic on that size looks too industrial to me.

I appreciate any feedback. Be harsh if necessary. I need to learn!
Thanks, John
countersink till flush or slightly inset and you're good to go.

Now, can you get it down to under 15 minutes?