My First Picture Framing

Jonathan Paul

Grumbler in Training
Feb 23, 2005
Hi everyone this is my first post here and I'm glad I was able to discover this resource. I'm currently a student at NC State university and I'm really into collecting and displaying NCSU memorabilia. I just bought a poster that I would like to display in my house and I'm wondering if I could get some advice and tips as how to go about framing this poster. I'm a complete newbie at framing posters or photographs but would like to learn so I can do it in the future. This is the poster I want to frame.


when I'm done framing it I would like for for it to look something like this..


the main thing I'm looking to do is to use glass and a wooden frame around the I said this is my first time doing anything like this so any tips and helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone
Um, Jonathan Paul, I'm just 20 minutes down the road in Clayton, and would be happy to frame the poster for you to match the one of Carter-Finley stadium. You'll need to bring in the finished one so I can get the exact dimensions of the mats and try and match your frame.

If you'd like to attempt this framing yourself, might I suggest you sign up for a one week framing school and then, after alot of practicing, you might be able to do this job.

BTW, welcome to the Grumble.

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when I'm done framing it I would like for for it to look something like this..
The first photo is a basketball court and I'm pretty sure the second one is a football stadium.

I'd recommend non-glare glass to disguise the subtle differences.


I spend all day on the phone being nice to people - many of whom don't deserve it.

Then I come home and I'm rude and sarcastic to my fellow Grumblers - many of whom don't deserve it.
Jonathan - yes we are all professional custom framers or manufacturers or in some sector of the professional picture framing industry.

The end design that you wish to accomplish would be pretty difficult and actually fairly expensive for an inexperienced person. You would have to buy a mat cutter, a glass cutter, a saw system, then buy the molding, the matboards, the backing board - even if you were planning on framing everything in your house a custom picture framer could offer you more reasonable (and professional!) options, than starting from scratch!

If you had told us you had been a woodworker for many years, we would have assumed you had the saw set-up. If you were an artist or a photographer perhaps you would have been cutting your own mats for years and mounting your work.

Starting from scratch is really hard. I used to teach night school courses in the basics of framing - that is where some of my best customers have come from! They realized that there was a lot more to this than they thought.

Go see Janet's shop. At least speak with a framer in person!

We try to help as many folks as we can on this forum. Really we do! But you seem to be starting way down at the beginning of the learning curve - and it is such a steep curve it makes computers look like child's play!

BTW - I commend you on your abitlty to place photos in your first post! Many Grumblers have yet to achieve the posting of photos! LOL!

Go see Janet!
I would take the basketball poster to a frame shop if you want it to look like the other one. They can mount it for you so that it looks good for years to come, which can be difficult to do at home. But, don't be discouraged. You can learn how to do framing... You need to invest in a bit of equipment to start out, and then read some books and practice on some things.
You will need a mat cutter (get a good one), metal straight edge, box knife cutter, mounting materials. You can always buy glass sized for you from a glass shop or frame shop. You can start with sectional frames that you assemble yourself, or try using ready mades. You can find all kinds on the internet. Just use good materials and take your time. It's fun...
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
Yes.Then I come home and I'm rude and sarcastic to my fellow Grumblers - many of whom don't deserve it.
Sure we do Ron. It's your better side that we see.

Jonathan, Go see Janet. When you graduate from NCSU, you may need a job.....and after a few months working for Janet, you might be able to do that frame job and be proud of your new found profession. :D

(that's more framer humor Jonathan. you'd be amazed how many degrees are floating around this little community) Go see Janet, and pay her to do it correctly. Then when you graduate, take her your diploma and have her frame it VERY nicely, it's a very valuable piece of paper.

Welcome to the Grumpble. Hang out a bit. It's funner than studying on a Saturday night.
Funny, but I never noticed any asterisks on the occasions I would drive from the shop by NCSU...

Seriously, though. Jonathan, if you're out there, 'listening', and really want a framing job, go see Janet. It's well worth the short drive!

She has an uncanny ability to match moulding, mat colors, etc, to whatever work is brought into her shop! I used to stand in amazement, watching her pick out mat colors. At first glance, these tired eyes couldn't see why, but I soon learned that she SEES things in art that can be heightened, or, if necessary, diminished by mat choice. And she comes about as close to perfection as can be! Everything turns out...well, just right!
Ron, I can't believe your answer to someone coming here to tyhe Grumble looking for a little advise. It was a simple double matted frame. being he is new to framing I can't think of a better source for a do it yourselfer or beginner than the Carey Bros. They have a wealth of information and would be the perfect resource to get his job done correct.

you'd be able to save $1000's DIY'ing it with their advise and assistance as well!

Then Janet could make a mint repairing the work that the Carey Bro's dispensed.

BTW wasn't Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber? Are these two bro's the sequel?
I am sure you are right about the Carey Bro's. I have watched the movie's, and read the article, they are very simular indeed. Now what are the chance's.......

Danny boy
:D :D