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Must be the week for equipment issues...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I was just cutting a piece of 3/16" foamcore on my Fletcher 3000 and "bam" - the blade catches on the top edge of the foam core and comes flying out!!!

So, rather than put this blade back in... it was on its 2nd (last!!) leg... I put a new blade in.

Now, the blade is not cutting all the way thru the foamcore - leaving fuzzy edges on the back side....

Read my owner's manual and there is only one comment about ragged edges and to use a slip sheet.

I have never used a slip sheet on this equipment..

What can I do to correct this!?? Help!!


Rattled Roz (again!)

There is some "play" where the mat blade is attached under the screw on the turret. You can probably set the blade so that it is extended out as far as possible. This may help. I also always use a slip sheet when cutting foam and matboard. I tried cutting without a slip sheet and it does leave the little fuzzies.

Hope this helps.

Dear Rattled Roz,

On the turret of your F-3000, you have a small raised area under the blade. This "boss" nestles inside the circular opening of the blade and secures it in it's correct position. It is the thickness of the blade itself and the screw holds and covers this "boss".

If your blade is incorrectly positioned either to the left or right of this boss, then the blade could come flying out dependent upon the resistance encountered while cutting. NOT GOOD.

If the blade is positioned in one direction not only will it potentially fly out, but it may not be set deep enough to cut through material, but it is also positioned slightly askew (not parallel with the intended cut).

If the boss is worn out completely, you are obviously in trouble. (Caused by repeatedly tightening the blade in an incorrect position.) The solution is to purchase a new entire turret. :( The good news is that you can do this online directly from Fletcher-Terry spare parts - F-3000
if necessary.

Check to see if the blade is seated properly around the boss. If this is the case, and the blade does still not cut deep enough into the channel, this can be adjusted.....

View from the right of the cutting head and squeeze the handle, lifting the blade away from the channel. At the bottom of the cutting head you will see a small screw. This adjusts the rocker arm position, bringing it closer or further away from the surface of the channel. (This is the proper way to adjust blade depth on the F-3000.)

Hint: A small amount of service-removable lock-tite will keep this screw from wiggling loose, and changing the depth setting.

Please contact Fletcher-Terry customer service if you need further help or drop me an email.


Fletcher Friend aka John

[ 02-07-2004, 01:16 PM: Message edited by: John Ranes II, CPF, GCF ]

John is exactly correct about the raised "boss" on your turret head. Take your mat blade out of the turret head and remove the retaining screw that holds the blade tight. You can easily view this "boss" and see if it is worn on either side.

I had the same trouble with mine when I first got it and, after calling Fletcher about the problem, I found out how to properly seat the blade when tightening the screw down and have no problems with the blade coming out or cutting ragged edges since

If you are interested, you can rest the back side of the turret on your workbench, cradling the turret in the web of your thumb and forefinger (knob pointing up towards you). Hold the blade in the turret using both your thumb and forefinger of the cradling hand. You can then tighten the hold down screw with your other hand. YOu can feel when the blade is engaged on the boss of the cutting turret and go from there to tighten it down.

Mike, John and Framerguy...

Thanks a bundle - this will un-rattle me, for sure!!

I will check the boss and see what happens...

Again, appreciate your help!!

A Calmer Roz