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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC
I ran out of music CDR's last night, but I DID have a music CDR-W, so I used it.
It would NOT play in my 10 year old CD player, it would not play in the CD player in Janet's car, but it WOULD play on this H/P computer....

I also have a big box of computer CDR's that won't work in my CD recorder. It's a stand-alone, BTW, and can record anything plugged into the receiver/mixer. And, of course, you all know I'm too stupid to figure out how to do all the computer 'mapping' to get a cassette recorder hooked up to the audio outs on this computer. (not to mention, I don't want to have to move the cassette recorder everytime I try to record a CDR-W.)
Anyway, he asked, the reason the older players won't recognize a music CDR-W because the -W technology is newer than the players? I am, even as I post, copying the CDR-W to a regular CDR in the recorder.

If it helps, it's a Phillips CDR 785 recorder.
is the reason the older players won't recognize a music CDR-W because the -W technology is newer than the players?
Bingo! ;)

If you go a few years furtherr, the readers couldn't even read CDR media. Just commercially made (pressed instead of burned) cds. The older drivers weren't calibrated to read that type of technology.
Beyond Mike's very accurate assessment of your answer, "home-made" CDs can be tempermental. I make batches of 20-40 at a time for my barbershop chorus, and inevitably one or two won't work in someone's player, even though others I've made do. In fact, out of the last batch I did I couldn't find one that would work in my home stereo, though I've made dozens on the same machine before. All things considered, I think it's amazing that it ever works.
Charles with all of your toys you need to invest in a Professional CD recorder which generally records on any data CD and then will play on any recorder. I only know this becuase I have been working with this at church. We have a loaner of a Tascam (sp) at the moment which will also work connected to a computer. I priced it on line for about $400. I managed to figure out how to use it during one church service. You need to have setting set for free copy and the finalizing is important. We use the cheapest CD's we can find...15 cents each.

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